PUBLISHED: 8:55 PM 3 Jan 2018

Sharia Victory Hailed As “Liberal Democracies” Protected, Fake News Legislation Demanded

Macron is leading a charge to infring on basic hmuman rights.

Macron is leading a charge to infringe on basic human rights.

Following Germany’s lead to suppress the right to free speech throughout Europe, French President Emmanuel Macron said he wants to unveil new legislation to take on “fake news.”

Macron announced Wednesday that he would be dramatically overhauling French media legislation this year to push back against what he says is dishonest news.

“If we want to protect liberal democracies, we must have strong legislation,” Macron said, according to Yahoo.

How is he the final arbiter on what news is real of fake?

Macron faced concerns from citizens as the refugee crisis in France boils over.

More importantly, who is to say he isn’t following German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s lead to suppress free speech online against those who speak out about Muslim violence and the dangers many unvetted refugees pose to their communities?

While Macron said fake news threatens liberal democracies, his plan raises questions about whether he is trying to block information on the Internet that may cast him in a negative light.

One can’t help but see that Macron’s intentions and upcoming plans mimic an Orwellian utopia that suppresses basic freedoms.

The term “fake news” has been heavily used by President Donald Trump, but his usage of the phrase describes the liberal media.

Censoring toward suppressing free speech is borderline dictatorship.

Trump’s uses the term to expose the biased, factually incorrect stories published by the media that are laden with anonymous sources and politically infused conjecture to derail his presidency.

But Trump hasn’t once said he wants to dismantle the press or anyone’s free speech rights, which is what it appears Macron has planned.

Between many social media networks available to the public, many agree that protecting free speech is vital, while other advocates like Macron apparently argue for the same level of censorship sought by communists.

Source: Yahoo