PUBLISHED: 11:04 PM 22 Dec 2017

Sharia Takes FULL Control, “Court Jihad” Established As Institute Uncovers Multiple Cases

The French Courts have become so politicized that those who are on the right are subject to an entirely different set of laws then their Muslim guests.

The French Courts have become so politicized that those who are on the right are subject to an entirely different set of laws than their Muslim guests.

The demographic changes that have been occurring across Europe as of late are not just happening on the streets and in the classrooms.  Many accused of heinous acts are being reduced as Muslim organizations and officials manipulate the laws and courts.  Now several cases have become so politicized that the very set of laws that were designed to protect citizens is now protecting terrorist from the law while ridiculing conservatives.

It was not very long ago when a fairly radical right-wing organization known as Génération Identitaire held a rally in a mosque that was under construction.  The group was celebrating a massive moment in French and European history on the anniversary of the battle of Poitiers (732AD).  This was a battle where French forces under the command of Charles Martel stopped the Muslim advance of the Ummayad Caliphate.  This was only some 1300 years ago and an event that dramatically impacted European history for centuries to come.

Events like these are part of the culture that makes the French who they are and their significance in the world.  They may get a bad rap sometimes and end up as the butt of the jokes, but the truth of the matter is that they are a great and noble people.  The celebrators of French history caused no violence and merely mimicked the actions of another fairly radical group known as Femen when they stormed Notre Dame and shamed the priests.

The right wing group members were expressing their right to speak freely as they occupied a mosque that was empty and under construction. Their actions show their frustrations with the lack of Muslim assimilation.

The French government has thrown the book at those involved with this event and ramped up hate crime charges.  Because they were celebrating the event where Muslims did not conquer France and Western Europe in an unoccupied mosque, their rights have been systematically ripped away from them.  Fines that are surmounting to tens of thousands of dollars as well as forced “donations” to the “Muslims of France” organization which has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.  Worse yet, these activists lost their voting rights for up to five years.

It is troubling to think that so much was done to a group that was peacefully trespassing in an unoccupied space when so little is done to those who are linked to terrorists.  If a terrorist is actively engaging in deceit and manipulation to overthrow the state, he should be tried for seditious acts as well as whatever other offences they commit along the way.

However, the French court system has become so manipulated by politicized judges and Muslim organization influence, bureaucratic manipulations are managing to get vicious terrorist off far lighter than one would think.  Those who aided and abetted the terrorists that were responsible for the Bataclan massacre has their sentencing reduced due to clever linguistics as a sentence went from a possible 20 year sentence to three.

These radical leftists stormed Notre Dame church during service and damaged a bell on the site. They claimed something about patriarchy, but received nothing in terms of punishment.

High powered Muslim attorneys who represent the accused in terrorist related cases have been able to argue that there is no Islamist war, and that these men are simply lone wolves or mentally ill.  In fact, that is the standard line given when any attack occurs.

These governments of Western Europe will son deliver more prison time for someone who says something Islamophobic than someone trying to commit a terror attack.  The governments have made it perfectly clear that there is no recognized Jihad, but instead the real danger is right wingers like Génération Identitaire and Marine Le Pen.

The French people are being forced to choose between their homeland and nation or the religion that has become progressivism.  The governments are choosing to persecute those who chose the former rather than just let them voice their opinions freely.  They are afraid of the message these groups support as it only gets amplified when the governments crack down on them.

The Battle of Poitiers is an incredible event in European history as it could arguably be the reason there was Western Europe at all. Soon to be King Charles Martell led his forces against the Caliphate and stopped their advance into Europe.

It has almost become a running joke among conservatives about being “in” on our joke.  We know that we get yelled at and laughed at constantly in all media outlets and in every facet of popular culture so we know what we are doing.  Those on the left call themselves the resistance, but that is only what they wish they were.  Conservatives are the real ones who are persecuted by the system, not minorities or Muslims.

France should declare the anniversary of the Battle of Poitiers a national holiday, it is the reason they are a nation at all.