49ers Player Arrested

PUBLISHED: 1:51 AM 13 Feb 2018

SF 49ers Player Arrested On Multiple Charges, Domestic Violence And Possession Of An Assault Weapon

This is his second arrest in one month.

On Sunday, San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster got arrested for having illegal weapons and allegedly committing domestic violence.

Once again, the NFL just suffered some really bad news that promises to destroy its image even more. On Sunday, San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster got arrested in Northern California for having illegal weapons and allegedly committing domestic violence. According to Los Gatos Monte Sereno Police Department, this linebacker was arrested after police officers responded to a welfare check and a disturbance call. This is his second arrest in about a month’s time, after getting caught with marijuana back on January 12.

They pointed out that this player was arrested on Sunday morning without any incident. Foster offered no resistance when the cops went to his house. The NFL player was booked on three separate charges. These were possession of an assault weapon, threats, and domestic violence. Apparently, there were at least two AR-15 weapons in Foster’s house.

Foster was always one of the hundreds of players who proudly offended the American flag by taking a knee during the national anthem.

While it might seem quite ironic the fact that a person calls for respect while offending millions of Americans, it’s even worse the fact that the man who does this is someone who can brutalize a woman without hesitation.

Naturally, we’re talking about an incident that will definitely harm the image of the San Francisco 49ers and the NFL.

After all, while the team will suffer the consequences of celebrating how its players took a knee during the national anthem and not taking a hard step against the linebacker, the league will suffer the consequences of its hypocrisy.

Basically, while the NFL has always claimed to condemn any form of discrimination or intolerant behavior against minorities, it has simultaneously shown that it doesn’t care about domestic violence at all by refusing to call out players that are involved in these crimes.

One of the cases that clearly display this grotesque reality was the one of Giants kicker Josh Brown. The man got arrested in 2015 and was charged with assaulting his wife at the time.

Police and court record detailed that Brown had assaulted his wife Molly nearly two dozen times, including at least once when she was pregnant.

The NFL investigated the case for almost a year, sending in its crack investigative team, whose goal is to dig for the truth. However, these investigators didn’t find much after the league publicly blamed the victim.

Basically, the NFL said that Brown’s wife failed to cooperate properly. In the end, he was suspended for only one game. Just one.

Given this situation, it is quite expected that the NFL will refuse to take a strong stance against Foster. In fact, many believe that considering the disastrous way the league handled the anthem protests, they won’t do anything if the player uses the race card.

Naturally, it’s extremely difficult to reconcile how someone can be so against the police and eventually getting arrested on these kinds of charges.

While many believe the 49ers won’t take any action against the player, there’s a faction that believes they have no other choice than cutting him down for good.

This is not the first time Foster is in a serious situation that compromises the team’s image, and we are living in a time where the #MeToo movement will probably force the 49ers to do something.

The greatest example of this issue is how the entire feminist movement has refused to condemn the misogynistic elements of Islam society, over fears of being called Islamophobes.

Given this reality, the same situation could happen if they decide to condemn the league and its players for domestic abuse.

Regardless what ends up being the outcome, the only thing for sure is that this new controversy promises to sink the NFL’s rating even more.

While the downfall started back in 2015 with how it was clear that the league didn’t care about domestic violence, it escalated to an unprecedented level since the anthem protests.

Despite the fact that the NFL tried to sell the idea that these protests weren’t a big deal, most Americans felt the league was letting politics to contaminate the most popular sport in the United States.