Sessions Trump War?

PUBLISHED: 9:59 PM 23 Aug 2018
UPDATED: 10:00 PM 23 Aug 2018

Sessions Trump War May Have Secret Plan

There are too many instances to deny the possibility.

It's just possible that President Trump and Jeff Sessions have a plan.

As we all know, Michael Cohen has decided to rat out the President for something that wasn’t a crime, but the media is treating it like Donald Trump did some terrible illegal act. Likewise, over the last few months, and especially the last couple of days, the President has issued some harsh criticisms of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Although it might look like a war is brewing in the administration, it’s possible these incidents point to a single fact: the Deep State is in deep trouble and Cohen’s little guilty plea is nothing compared to what’s looming.

In fact, it looks like the entire squabbling script enacted by both the President and the Attorney General is designed for one reason: fooling the media.

Of course, I know that this opinion will not be shared by many conservatives. In fact, stories of Sessions’ incompetence are everywhere and it’s hard to read social media without being blasted by comments about Sessions’ ineptitude.

I’m not going so far as to say ‘trust the plan,’ but I am saying there are certain elements that point to the fact that Donald Trump is much smarter than the leftist media and deeply entrenched players in Washington realize. And, I’m saying that Jeff Sessions, possibly, isn’t one of the child-abusing freaks who’ve flown on the ‘Lolita Express,’ and therefore is working to bring down the scumbag losers in D.C.

What if Trump’s tweets are a way to distract the media? What if this is his way to use the ‘enemy’s weakness’—the uncontrolled vanity and vile hatred of the leader of the free world, doing everything to label him an ‘unhinged’ lunatic who committed crimes against the country—against them?

In fact, what if the recent interview the President gave, which blasted Sessions for recusing himself from the collusion case is just another part of the overall campaign?

What if these moves are a blind to distract attention from something Sessions has been planning? God, let it be true.

When the press questioned Donald Trump’s intelligence and mental stability, something that was barely tolerated with democrat presidents, he shocked and surprised them with his perfect ability. In fact, a number of reporters tried to take the ‘full’ cognitive test, but they woefully failed.

President Trump is not a dummy. Evidence shows his clear, brassy negotiation style is working with the U.S. economy, and personally, I don’t think he’s sitting around waiting for more slimy, back-stabbing, deep state tactics to remove him from office.

Likewise, Jeff Sessions is not one of the elite, Hillary-can-do-no-wrong crowd.

Sessions was written up by the Washington Post when Trump chose him as AG. Their list of “10 Things” to know about him talks about racism, climate change, debt and war stances, and other issues.

I keep remembering the video where he shoos Creepy Joe Biden’s hand away from his grandbaby. Emphatically, the look in his face—the disgust—tells me everything I need to know. But, there’s plenty more.

Jeff Sessions isn’t actually sitting around on his behind. He’s been doing some pretty excellent work since he became Attorney General. Such as:

  • The ‘largest health care fraud take down’ in US history. Although this may not be grabby for headlines, removing some of the massive corruption in the healthcare industry is a good thing.
  • Food stamp fraud busts where illegals and refugees were robbing America blind.
  • He reversed the Obama administrations view on the voter purges in Ohio, which is a huge win.
  • Reversing the Obama administration’s stance regarding forced union dues, which the Supreme Court overturned.
  • The Religious Freedom task force created by Sessions looks like it was designed specifically to investigate the vilely leftist Southern Poverty Law Center. “The task force will help the department fully implement our religious liberty guidance by assuring that all Justice Department components…are upholding that guidance in the cases they bring and defend, the arguments they make in court, the policies and regulations they adopt, and how we conduct our operations. That includes making sure our employees know their duties to accommodate people of faith,” Sessions said.

Now, of course, there are plenty of things that Jeff Sessions has done, which are not on the list of wins for our Republic. Recusing himself from the witch hunt because deep state advisors recommended it was not only stupid, but wrong.

However, I think it’s significant that he did that. What better way to round up Hillary Clinton and her ilk, like Mueller, than to have a clear record regarding the false collusion, obstruction, and other bull malarkey the deep state is spinning?

Of course, this is all speculation.

Sessions fired back at the president saying he would not be “improperly influenced by political considerations” hours after Trump attacked him on television. But again, this all seems like carefully orchestrated strategy.

As a mother, a voter and an America, I just hope and pray I’m right. It would be a major win for the world and freedom everywhere if the swampy creatures trying to control us were rotting in jail.

God willing.