Sessions Loses Primary

PUBLISHED: 1:02 PM 15 Jul 2020
UPDATED: 5:04 PM 15 Jul 2020

Sessions Ousted In Primary Race: Trump-Supported Tuberville Trounces Career Republican

Many people argue that Sessions lost because President Trump trusted him to know how the swamp works, and he immediately was either tricked by the swamp or played into its hands.

Coach Tuberville for the win. (Source: WVTM YouTube Screenshot)

Jeff Sessions, the man President Trump picked to help his navigate the deep and dark waters of the swamp when he was elected, failed him miserably. And, the people of Alabama have remembered.

Last night, the state overwhelmingly rejected Sessions in the primary, choosing instead Tommy Tuberville, the man the president endorsed.

Conservative Treehouse reported:

President Trump supported republican candidate Tommy Tuberville has crushed former AG Jeff Sessions in the Alabama Senate primary run-off.  Margin holding at approximately 63-36 with over half of the precincts now reporting.

Done is done.  No time for gloating.

Thank you Jeff Sessions for everything you have done throughout your career (sans AG).  As a former Senator Mr. Sessions was a valuable supporter for the MAGA agenda and a kind person. Done is done. Now we move on.

Unite the clans.  We’ve got a general election to win.

Congratulations Tommy Tuberville and President Trump.  Celebrate tonight and wake up tomorrow going full-bore against the communists.

WKRG reported:

Former Auburn University football coach Tommy Tuberville has defeated Jeff Sessions to win the Republican Senate primary in Alabama.

The 65-year-old Tuberville is now positioned to put up a strong challenge against Democratic Sen. Doug Jones. President Donald Trump endorsed Tuberville.

Sessions had held the Senate seat for 20 years until he resigned to serve as Trump’s attorney general. But he was politically wounded by Trump’s criticism after he recused himself in the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign.

Many people agree that these career politicians must be replaced with actual patriots, not people who enjoy their cushy, elitist job and bow to the leftists in the country.