Body Count Of Gay Serial Killer Rises

PUBLISHED: 6:10 PM 30 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 6:13 PM 30 Jan 2018

Serial Killer Strikes LGBT Village, Body Count Continues To Rise

The police have not identified all of this man’s victims.

A serial killer is in custody as police in Toronto look for bodies all over the city.

Police are asking for help from the public as they track a serial killer in Toronto. Suspect Bruce McArthur has been stalking victims in the gay village of the area and using his landscaping business to hide the remains.

McArthur has already been tied to three sets of remains that were found in planters on his property. Because he owns a landscaping business, he had free access to at least 30 properties in the Toronto area. At this point, the body count is expected to increase as the police gain access to all of the possible dump sites.

Planters, gardens and landscaped areas at the homes of his customers could hold countless more bodies. The first three bodies have not been identified. In all he has been linked to five missing gay men, there is an assumption these bodies may be one or more of them.

Police have released few overall details about the McArthur case except to say the body they have located were dismembered. Since they are still in the process of investigating and identifying the remains, they are not even sure how many different people are a part of this set of remains.

The police have shared that they know they have at least three distinct sets of remains, but the way they were buried could mean the remains are from more than three men.

DNA testing and a full report from the coroner will help to establish if the remains found already are from three or five victims.

Police found the first set of remains on the piece of land that McArthur used to store equipment for the landscaping business. They have also picked up planters from several customer locations.

Local authorities have asked that any and all customers of the business should contact the police so they can come out to look at his work. They have already scheduled digs at two different locations as they suspect there might be bodies buried there.

A month ago, the suspect was charged in the deaths of Andrew Kinsman and Selim Esen. They are both missing and presumed dead, but no remains have been positively linked to either victim.

Police added three new murder charges to the list of crimes over the last day or so. McArthur is now also charged with the murders of Majeed Kayhan, Soroush Marmudi, and Dean Lisowick.

Kinsman and Esen both went missing at separate times from the gay village of Toronto. These two missing person cases have ended in a first-degree murder charge for the suspect.

It is believed that the next three victims were also tied to the gay village. Everyone except for Lisowick had been reported missing. Lisowick was known to be transient, and this may have delayed him being reported missing.

It is not unusual for victims that are transient to go undetected for a more extended period because they are not reported missing from co-workers or neighbors because they lack established patterns.

The lack of detection makes vulnerable populations like the homeless more attractive victims for some serial killers. In this case, it appears the age of the men and their possible sexual orientation made them more of a target. Lisowick being homeless might have just been a secondary factor.

All of the men who were reported missing were about the same age. They were in their late forties or fifties.

McArthur seems to fall into a group that has shown to be over-represented in the serial killer realm. He is a middle-aged white man who many suspect, is either openly gay or is hiding the fact that he is gay.

Police have learned a great deal about McArthur after talking to a man he attacked. In this case, the man was able to escape a physical attack.

Peter Sgromo reported that he met McArthur for drinks last year in the gay village of Toronto. Sgromo had known the suspect for over a decade, and he shared that the man attended a support group with his ex-partner.

The support group was for gay fathers, so McArthur was at least connected to the gay community for several years.

McArthur and Sgromo shared a few drinks and ventured back to McArthur’s parked van after the date. This was the van he used for landscaping, but it was empty at the time.

The pair went back to the van to engage in sexual activities and started to get undressed. At some point after kissing and taking off part of their clothes, McArthur grabbed him by the neck and violently twisted it.

The pair struggled, and Sgromo feared for his life. He was able to get away.

After fighting off the attack, Sgromo did not report the crime to the police. He was not aware of the missing men in the area until recently.

When he heard that McArthur was arrested, he went to the police to report what had happened.

The fact that there seem to be a disproportionate number of gay serial killers that one might expect within the group is troubling at best. Some point to the fact that many serial killers have repressed sexual issues that drive them to act out.

Serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer, Carl Panzram, Randy Steven Kraft, Patrick Wayne Kearney, and Westley Allen Dodd all fall under the category of using their killings to meet a suppressed sexual need. They are just a few examples of the disproportionate number of gay serial killers.