Black Woman NOT Racist For Eliminating Whites

PUBLISHED: 1:40 AM 13 Feb 2018

Separate But Equal? Retreat For Women Of Color Only Who Need Break From Whites

The founder of this retreat says whites are too destructive to have passports.

The retreat seems designed to pander to millennial women of color with more money than sense. Further, Andrea X has no history of operating anything; in fact, her previous job was 'healthcare facilitator.'

On a beautiful island in Costa Rica known as Puerto Viejo, there is an expensive retreat for those who have decided that they need a break.

But these people didn’t just need a break, they’ve decided that they needed a break from ‘white people’, and Andrea X created the perfect retreat to pander to these over-privileged individuals who feel their only problem is the skin color of those around them.

For a mere $2,222, you too can enjoy the retreat at Puerto Viejo.  You know, as long as you’re African-American.

Andrea X’s “Women of Color Healing Retreat” specifically bans white people.  It seems that the retreat is mostly targeted at African-American people, but the name suggests any ‘non-white’ person would be accepted.

In Andrea X’s perfect world, white people wouldn’t even be able to travel the world or get a passport.  In her mind, white colonialism has ruined enough of the world.

She doesn’t seem to mind her own version of American colonialism, where she has set up a retreat on another nation’s island.

The retreat, as with so many spiritual-ish retreats, combines nonsensical, feel-good eating and fitness together in order to make people feel like they’re improving themselves.

Then it folds in some of the usual touristy things that one would normally travel to Costa Rica to do, such as surfing.

In this case, the “Women of Color Healing Retreat” includes meditation, yoga, and vegan food.  That’s a great way to get away from white people, surely.

However, there’s a couple of problems there.

Firstly, the modern idea of yoga is derived from white people.  It had essentially been stripped of the spiritual nature shown elsewhere and turned into a fitness regime in the United States, mostly by white people who saw a chance to profit.

Veganism, too, is an invention of white people, at least in its current form.  The term ‘vegan’ was even coined by a white Brit.  That man, Donald Watson, chose the word ‘vegan’ for his vegan newsletter because it represented “the beginning and end of vegetarian.”

Andrea X can be forgiven for not knowing this.  After all, her last job was working as a ‘health care facilitator.’

A healthcare facilitator is basically a low-level bureaucrat who explains what an insurance policy will cover and helps various clients to move through the health care system.

When she ‘lost’ her job, Andrea X decided that she wanted to ‘eliminate’ white people from her personal life.

So she went on a vacation to Costa Rica (because white people never go there).

In a Vice News interview with Andrea X, she admitted that after spending a while in Costa Rica, she decided that she would never leave.

When the Vice interviewer asked her if her retreat was a ‘long con’ to build a black nation in Costa Rica, she replied that yes, it was.

If there’s anything that the Latino people of Costa Rica, who tend to categorize themselves as whites, castizos, and mestizo, really need, it’s obviously a black nation built on one of their islands.

In fact, of the 4.9 million people in Costa Rica, the vast majority identify themselves as white or mestizo, with almost 84 percent identifying as such.

The island nation has less than EIGHT percent of its 4.9 million residents who identify as ‘black’ in any way, and most of those identify as ‘mulatto’, a word that does not have the same connotation there as it does in the United States.

Andrea X went so far as to say that she believes that the Trump presidency has brought more customers to her island retreat.

What it seemed that Andrea X was really doing was pandering to people with more money than sense and with the desire to blame their problems on ‘others.’

That’s a profitable market these days, and if you can offer people an island getaway where they feel like they can whine about people who they think are the cause of their problems, it’s almost impossible to fail to turn a profit.

But people like Andrea X don’t seem interested in helping people improve themselves, the real point of a retreat.

Legitimate religious and spiritual retreats, especially ones from the cultures that actually practiced yoga in centuries past, often involve self-contemplation.  The yoga and meditation and discussions are designed to help people figure out what they can do to better themselves.

Andrea X’s retreat seems more like the obvious conclusion of years of social justice nonsense about blaming white people for problems.  There doesn’t seem to be any self-improvement to the retreat, just talking about how those dastardly ‘white people’ ruined the world and hurt their feelings with microaggressions.

It would be interesting to see how the predominantly ‘white’ Costa Ricans felt about Andrea X and her ‘invasion’ of their space to create her own little colony.  But it seems unlikely that Andrea X would be interested in hearing from the people who were in Costa Rica before she came there.

If someone has at least $2,222 to spend on a vacation, there are much better resorts that don’t force you to eat a vegan diet or perform trendy exercise nonsense.  Sounds like this racist retreat is one that could easily be missed.