PUBLISHED: 10:34 PM 4 Apr 2017

Senator Warren Touts Equality, Forgets About Shocking Wage Gap For Her Own Female Staffers


Senator Warren speaks loudly against wage gaps, she doesn’t act.

“I honestly can’t believe that we are still arguing for equal pay in 2014.” Elizabeth Warren, the well-known Democratic senator from Massachusetts, began a speech to her fellow senators with those words. Given on April 8, 2014, Warren was addressing the day designated as “Equal Pay Day.”

The day was created by the National Committee on Pay Equity twenty years ago. Each year, the Census Bureau’s unadjusted gender pay gap numbers are used to “determine how far into the next year women would have to work to match annual earnings of men.”

Feminists have seized the issue of equal pay with the fervor of rabid dogs. It is a favorite topic of female lawmakers because they know they can bank on women’s agreement and men’s guilt. Warren is never afraid to take advantage of any leverage possible.

“In 99.6% of all occupations, men get paid more than women…that’s not an accident, that’s discrimination.”

Surely to the dismay of all liberals, last year’s report shows that women only earned 79.6% of what men earned. This put Equal Pay Day today, April 4, 2017.

However, that is a slight increase over 2015. Two years ago, women were making 78.6% of men’s wages, giving them earnings of $40,742 compared to men’s $51,212.

She has already made her ferverent speech for this recent war on women. A new report by the Washington Free Beacon shows that Elizabeth Warren should have avoided commenting this year.

An analysis of Senator Warren’s staff reveals that the wage gap between her male and female employees is larger than the national average. Women on her staff only made 71 cents for every dollar made by male staffers. This makes her statement today look even worse; “In the year 2016, at a time with self-driving cars and computers that sit on your wrist, women still make only 79 cents for every dollar a man makes.”

The median annual earnings shows the sharp reality of the pay received by Warren’s staff. Women working for the liberal senator made $52,750 on average. That is a shocking $20,000 less than the men earning $73,750.

Using average salaries instead of a median, the pay gap spikes to just over $26,000. Senator Warren has said the wage gap is “a problem, a big problem.” Why is this egregious problem even larger in her own office?

In 2016, Warren employed only one full-time female employee that made a six-figure salary. That honor went to her director of scheduling, she earned $100,624.88. In contrast, five full-time male employees hit the mark;

Director of oversight and investigations – $156,000

Legislative director – $149,458

Deputy chief of staff – $119,375

Massachusetts state director – $152,310

Deputy state director – $113,750

All these men earned more than Warren’s highest paid female staffer. There are arguments that attempt to explain the wage gap, offering contributing factors that can affect salaries. The senator does not allow for those arguments, at least in her lectures. She claims that the American workplace is “rigged against women.” In her speech, she railed against the injustice;

“Today is Equal Pay Day, and by the sound of it, you would think it’s some sort of historic holiday commemorating the anniversary of a landmark day that our country guaranteed equal pay for women. But that’s not what this is about. Not even close.”

This time, Elizabeth Warren has truly made history. The last time the national wage gap was as wide as it was in her office in 2016 was in the year 1995. Warren’s office sends women more than 20 years into the past. How can she speak about a rigged system?

Warren is in good, or at least famous company, though. On the list of politicians who pay women less than men, Hillary Clinton rests firmly.

Clinton has been consistent. The wage gap began when she was a New York senator and continued into her position as secretary of state. In what was viewed as a liability by some on her team, the gap existed even as she ran for as presidential candidate for women of America

Liberal hypocrisy also clouded Obama’s statements about the unfair practice of paying men more. Women at the White House were paid less than their counterparts.

Louisiana Democratic Governor, Jon Bel Edwards pays women staff less. Last month, he was the host of an “equal pay summit.” Andrew Cuomo signed two orders recently to eliminate the wage gap in his state. He should probably start with his own employees.

This makes Senator Warren’s other comments, that fault lies with the GOP, comedic. “Heck, they’d rather spend their time trying to defund Planned Parenthood health clinics and cut women’s access to birth control than do anything — anything at all — to give working women a raise,” she said.

Senator Warren’s office did not respond to inquiries about the wage issue.

The debate over equal pay is far from over. There are too many factors to provide a simple answer. While the issue is not settled, Warren and her liberal friends should realize that their arguments would be far more convincing if they bothered to put it into practice themselves.