No Answer About ‘Guard’

PUBLISHED: 7:05 PM 25 Feb 2021

Senator ‘Stunned’ After Capitol Officer Can’t Explain Why National Guard Still Controlling DC

Many people suspect that the ‘guard’ is still there because Biden was not elected, he was installed.

Good question! (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

The National Guard has occupied and is controlling Washington D.C. Originally, citizens were told this because of the ‘riots’ that happened on January 6, but Senator Rick Scott asked a very important question yesterday that stumped everyone…

Just The News reported:

Florida GOP Sen. Rick Scott on Tuesday got no response from security and law enforcement officials when he asked why the National Guard is still deployed at the U.S Capitol complex roughly six weeks after the Jan. 6 riot — with no known credible security threat.

“Is that a no from everybody?” Scott asked after questioning three former congressional security officials and the acting chief of D.C.’s Metropolitan Police Department about the matter during the joint congressional hearing on the preparation and response to the riot. 

“No one has any idea why we have the National Guard here?” Scott asked after a brief silence.

None of the witnesses had concrete reasons as to why the Guard continues to be deployed behind a roughly 7-foot-high, razor-wire topped fence. There are currently 5,000 National Guard troops around the Capitol.

Acting MDP Chief Robert J. Contee said he has not received any threat assessment connected to why Guard troops are still in the Capitol.

Former U.S. Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund told Scott that when he was at the Capitol two days after the riot he “wasn’t aware of any additional intelligence at that point.”

“They were just concerned about possible violent extremists regrouping and staging another attack on the Capitol,” he said about officials now in charge. Sund resigned in the aftermath of the breach.

Scott ended his questioning by saying he was “flabbergasted” that there was no public information to explain the National Guard still at the Capitol.