Sanders Declares Family Off Limits, Interview Cancelled

PUBLISHED: 12:34 AM 31 Jan 2018

Senator Sanders Cancels Interview, Journalist Wouldn’t Agree Family Questions Off Limits

Sanders’ family has a lot of scandal happening right now, no wonder he doesn’t want to talk.

Bernie Sanders canceled an interview just because he didn’t get to control the questions. Specifically, he couldn’t control those regarding to his wife.

Just like almost any other progressive, one of the most notorious characteristics of Senator Bernie Sanders is the way he exposes his authoritarian essence in the most unexpected opportunities. This time, while everything happened out of cameras and through the comfortable effectiveness of his spokesman, Sanders showed once again that transparency is not exactly his most favorite word.

Basically, he canceled an interview just because he didn’t get to control the questions. Specifically, he couldn’t control those regarding his family and his wife, who is facing a major scandal that the Vermont senator called a “gossip.” Lamentably for him, new reports informed there would be indictments on this matter.

According to a Vermont-based paper, the socialist backed out of the interview after the news outlet announced that he couldn’t make his family wife’s controversy off-limit. Naturally, while Sanders had no problem in having the interview, this was an extremely important condition.

After all, while he always loved to provide the image of an irreverent figure that doesn’t comply with the bourgeoisie manners of the U.S. politics, Sanders proved to be worse than the kind of politicians he always despised.

While his wife has been swimming in really hot water for several months, Sanders is not only using his influence to let her get away with murder, but also refusing to say anything regarding this problem.

Naturally, while it’s always quite ugly to see a politician canceling an interview because of these kinds of issues, it’s always worse when the one who does it tends to glorify himself as someone who is above these political banalities.

Apparently, his spokesman Daniel McLean called the news outlet Seven Days on Sunday in order to offer the interview with the senator on Monday morning. At this point, it all seemed like the interview was almost good to go.

However, things started to get ugly when the spokesman said the paper would not be allowed to ask anything related to his family, or what he described as “political gossip.” Basically, it was like having the opportunity to interview George W. Bush and not being able to ask him about Iraq.

Logically, the newspaper refused to accept this particular condition, considering that by accepting it they would be forced conduct just a shameful interview. In fact, the news outlet even noted that it has never accepted any kind of preconditions to political interviews.

Soon after that, there was a particular moment when one reporter of this newspaper decided to confront the senator in person to ask for an interview. Believe it or not, Sanders made it perfectly clear that he would only accept an interview only if the newspaper accepted his terms.

“Well, as I think Dan indicated, we talk about issues. We don’t talk about gossip,” the senator said. Naturally, he tried to make the idea that his wife’s controversy is nothing more than an irrelevant topic.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, the alternative newspaper pointed out that Bernie Sanders’ stepdaughter Carina Driscoll is now running for mayor of Burlington. In addition, it said that the senator’s wife Jane Sanders has been under heavy scrutiny by federal investigators.

As everyone knows, Jane Sanders has been investigated for her infamous role in possible bank fraud. Apparently, this controversial case is connected to a land purchase she made while she was the president of the now-defunct Burlington College.

Earlier this month, VTDigger reported that the investigation had expanded to a grand jury. In addition, this media outlet pointed out that there could be upcoming indictments to the senator’s wife.

Naturally, Bernie Sanders is making a lot of efforts in avoiding any kind of question regarding this controversy, considering the huge damage it could make on his political ambitions. Especially when there’s a presidential election in just two years.

According to several reports, the Vermont senator could be once again one of the main candidates in the Democratic primaries in order to compete against President Donald Trump for turning the White House liberal again.

While the Democratic Party hasn’t provided any kind of comment regarding the presidential elections, almost every single analyst agree that Bernie Sanders could be the favorite to winning the primaries.

Basically, there are two significant factors that are quite important to understand why this socialist could be the Democratic nominee in 2020.

On one hand, it is an undeniable fact that he remains as the most popular figure on the Democratic party since Hillary Clinton’s defeat in the 2016 presidential election against Donald Trump. In fact, almost every single poll confirms it.

On the other hand, he could easily exploit the victim card on its huge liberal base, considering the way the DNC rigged the primaries in favor of Hillary Clinton when they were competing for the nomination.

Naturally, it’s because of this reality that Sanders is avoiding any question related to his family and wife.