Cherokee Woman Calls Out Senator “Fauxcahontas”

PUBLISHED: 4:10 PM 30 Jan 2018

Senator Elizabeth Warren Gets Called Out By Cherokee Woman

Native Americans have had enough of Warren’s lies.

Senator Elizabeth Warren has been asked repeatedly by actual Cherokee to stop claiming their ancestry just to score points as a minority. This kind of rhetoric is not only insulting to the proud tribes but also sets a bad example for children to think it's okay to lie if it benefits one's career.

The Democratic National Committee is crumbling before the eyes of the American people.  Their leadership is as non-existent as their funding and yet they refuse to come down from their high horse to offer anything substantial.

The election of 2016 can be cited as the beginning of the end of the illusion that kept the Democrats relevant. Their party offers nothing more than obstruction and people pretending to be victims with leaders like Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) are begged to stop claiming minority status.

Almost nothing comes to mind as more racist than claiming to be a member of a minority group just for the privileges. The privileges, if any, come after generations of abuse suffered at the hands of those in power so awarding them to those who do not deserve them is the most disrespectful thing imaginable.

Time after time, people have come forward to ask Elizabeth Warren to stop claiming to be a member of a minority group because she is not. She has been credited as the first minority woman to receive tenure at Harvard but nothing could be farther than the truth.

She is a remnant of a bygone age where privileged and well-connected white elites could get away with anything so long as they remained loyal to those in control.

Democrats and liberals pretend that President Trump is racist for wanting to build a wall on the southern border yet this woman can pretend to be a minority to get special status and she is elected to the Senate.

It is incredibly alarming to see such separation from reality take hold in the minds of those who control so much in this day and age.  Rather than own their lies and admit they should not hold the power they seek, they convince themselves that attacks against them are fake news.

When actual members of the real and sovereign Cherokee nation ask somebody to stop pretending, it is not fake news designed to attack Democrats. The problem is they are so caught up in retaining power that anything critical of them is deemed fake news, even if the Cherokee are Democrats!

Rebecca Nagle, a registered Democrat and member of the Cherokee nation, does not find it amusing to see someone make a mockery of her lineage and ancestors. Nagle claims that it is not because Warren did not know the truth, it is because she knows the truth and continues to lie regardless.

This is the culture that makes up the modern Democrat party that so many are refusing to see. Every day there is more and more pieces of evidence coming out that points to the fact that the Democrats were treating this nation like a banana republic where the friends of the corrupt are protected and the righteous are prosecuted.

Nagle believes that if Warren apologized and admitted that she was wrong it would be a step in the right direction towards getting her a presidential run. Presidential run? Warren openly lied about being a minority and yet Democrats still want to vote for her?

This is exactly the problem that liberals, progressives, and Democrats have in today’s political realm that it is almost scary. This nation was built on the premise of electing who you want, not who has a “D” or “R” next to their name.

Rather than hold their own accountable and condemn her for openly lying, Democrats want to believe that she did not maliciously lie throughout her life to gain off of the plight of what could be considered genocide of the Native American populations.

They would rather vote for an open liar than consider the fact that they should seek candidates from the other party.

Before the 2016 election, it was a pleasant thought to think that Americans could openly choose between the two parties freely here and there. Now it just seems like those who refuse to admit they were wrong, die-hard liberals who want to see Hillary crowned and President Trump jailed, are sticking to their guns regardless of how it will affect the future of the nation.

Democrats like Senator Warren are only making it easier to reveal the level of hypocrisy and maliciousness that is found within the heart of the Democratic party.