Senator Demands FBI Release Records

PUBLISHED: 11:59 PM 1 Feb 2018

Senator Demands Info From FBI, Disgraced Agents May Still Have Access

Sen. Rand Paul wants to know the details about Page and Strzok.

If Strzok and Page still have security clearances, the FBI's internal controls are inadequate, Senator Paul says.

The elephant and the donkey are duking it out this week over whether to release the Devin Nunes memo to the public or not. Meanwhile, GOP Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) posted, on his official Senate web page, a copy of a startling letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray that he penned on Tuesday.

Senator Paul raises a point that should have been brought up long ago. “Do Mr. Strzok and Ms. Page still have security clearances?” He writes. Do the former Mueller subordinates “have the ability to search FISA data or other classified databases?” If the conspirators do, it shows “the FBI’s internal controls are inadequate.”

The conservative Senator is known to stand off on the sidelines to watch partisan bickering but he has also been long recognized for charging in like a bulldog on the important issues. Especially ones that strike at the heart of the Constitution.

The source of Paul’s concern is “recent reports describing Peter Strzok and Lisa Page’s extensive discussion, at work, of their political vendetta against President Donald Trump.”

Message after message painted a bold and clear picture of the fawning adoration both had for Hillary Clinton, as well as the vitriolic hatred they shared for Donald Trump.

An FBI investigator assigned to Mueller’s band of henchmen, Peter Strzok, had exchanged a whopping 50,000 or so text messages with the woman he was dating behind his wife’s back.

Lisa Page, equally yoked to someone else and an attorney in the Department of Justice, which supervises the FBI, has also been part of the Mueller inquisition.

What we are witnessing as the whole “Russiagate scandal” is unraveling, is that rot and corruption have hollowed out the very core of our system of justice. Nobody has been watching the watchers.

When the texts surfaced, Strzok was reassigned but not placed under any kind of discipline. Page had already left the special investigation because she was only on temporary assignment and no action was taken against her yet either.

Sen. Paul notes our founding fathers warned us about such corruption. “James Madison warned that men are not angels,” he writes. “The exposure of political bias at the FBI is exactly why many of us advocate for greater oversight of the FBI.”

Both Page and Strzok worked on Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel “witch hunt” that is doing their best to find any hint of a connection between President Trump and Russia. So far, after nearly a year, the “investigation” has come up empty.

Before the election, the texts show Strzok worked from within the system to ensure that Hillary was cleared of all charges in the email server scandal. He personally drafted the final memo that James Comey signed.

The recent ongoing investigation into Strzok’s bias revealed that he is the one personally responsible for Hillary being cleared of “gross negligence,” which is a crime. Based on evidence that had been examined, investigators recommended charges.

Strzok’s version of the report watered the phrase down to “extreme carelessness,” which is not a crime. That assessment was not based on evidence. It was based on Strzok’s own personal opinion.

Strzok and Page felt that Trump must be stopped at any cost. They even leaked inside classified information favorable to Hillary to the Press.

When it looked like Trump might do the unthinkable and actually win the election, they hatched a scheme right in the office of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

The trio decided to take out an “insurance policy” in case Donald Trump actually won. The “secret society” was born. Pundits on the hill are convinced the insurance policy they were referring to is the current Mueller investigation.

Despite the mountain of growing evidence against the pair, it seems they probably still have full access to classified information. Senator Paul is worried “about their continued access to sensitive private information, such as that contained in Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) databases.

Sen. Paul points out the 2013 report of “NSA agents who searched NSA databases for information regarding their spouses and love interests.” He wants to know if the adulterous couple did similar searches of their own, digging up dirt to be used to sabotage President Trump.

“Is there a process in place to routinely analyze searches of databases by agents to ensure that such searches are not done for political or personal reasons?” The Kentucky lawmaker inquires.

Are Page and Strzok continuing to leak info to the press? Are they digging up more “insurance” for when they go in front of Congressional watchdog committees? Senator Paul raises an extremely important point. Somebody needs to pull their privileges pretty quick.

If it isn’t happening already, the squint squad should be immediately turned loose on the databases to see who has been looking at what, when they did it, and most importantly, why.