Dem: Flag Is ‘Rag’

PUBLISHED: 7:41 PM 25 Feb 2019

Senator Calls American Flag A ‘Rag,” Claims It’s the Same As The Swastika

Although the Nebraska senator has the right to express his opinion, many people wonder how a man could be elected to represent the United States of America but have such little regard for its history and ideals.

Why does this man keep getting elected?

Nebraska State Senator Ernie Chambers said the American flag was “a rag” and likened it to a swastika last week.

The octogenarian lawmaker ranted on the floor during a debate over the state’s proposed bill, LB 399.

If passed, that law would update civics education requirements to improve student literacy in “civics, history, economics, financial literacy, and geography.”

Many people wonder how such items could be a bad thing, but then remember that democrats and socialists can only survive within an ignorant populous.

The ideals and policies promoted by the left do not conform to logic or practicality, so they must keep people in the dark concerning their rights and the impact of capitalism. Obviously, this is something Chambers fully understands.

“I don’t come here for this rag every day, and it’s a rag. That’s all it is to me,” Chambers said, referring to the American flag.

“When you show a way to persuade Jews to sanctify and worship the swastika, when you show me that I’ll come up here and stand while you all hypocritically pretend that rag is something that it definitely is not.”

His remarks, not unnaturally, were blasted by many of his colleagues.

Senator Tom Brewer, “who is also a military veteran, responded that “it’s hard” to refer to the American flag “as a rag” given how those who serve our country sacrifice a lot to respect the flag.”

“I think I speak for most of us that have worn the uniform, it rips our heart out to hear someone say that they refer to the flag as a rag,” Brewer said.

“Because for those of us that have brought home those that we’ve lost, it’s hard to ever refer to the flag as a rag because you have to fold it and you have to get it to the parents, and that’s awful hard to do,” he added.

However, those who sacrifice for the country—although heroic—aren’t the only ones insulted by Chambers offensive comments.

The American Flag represents liberty, not racism. It stands for the idea that men can govern themselves without being treated like slaves.

However, that’s not want democrats want. They want a mindless population they can control.

“Chambers, who has represented parts of Omaha since 1971 and is the longest-serving state lawmaker, has a history of making inflammatory comments during his time in the Nebraska legislature.”

“The Omaha World-Herald reported that, in a 2015 legislative hearing on concealed carry, Chambers put members of law enforcement on the same level as members of the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group.”

“My ISIS is the police. Nobody from ISIS ever terrorized us as a people as the police do us daily. And they get away with it,” Chambers said at the time.

Seriously. He said this.

Such a man is both ignorant and deluded, many people argue, and has no business being given a pulpit.