PUBLISHED: 9:55 PM 13 Sep 2017

Senator Bernie Sanders Introduces Socialist Policy As Democrats Band Together


Bernie Sanders seems to have forgotten how poorly he did as a presidential candidate. That’s the only plausible explanation as to why he has introduced a universal healthcare bill into the Senate. He’s managed to wrangle up support from 15 Democrats.

Bernie Sanders has plunged ahead with universal healthcare. The liberal senator introduced legislation Wednesday that if enacted would institute a single-payer healthcare system. The idea was so unpopular during the presidential election Sanders couldn’t even defeat Hillary Clinton.

This is where the country has got to go,” Sanders said during an interview with the Washington Post. “Right now, if we want to move away from a dysfunctional, wasteful, bureaucratic system into a rational health-care system that guarantees coverage to everyone in a cost-effective way, the only way to do it is Medicare for All.”

Nearly everyone agrees that America’s healthcare system needs to be reformed, but few would choose to revert to socialism.

Sanders’ bill would replace the current system with an expensive free-for-all funded by higher taxes. Most medical procedures and prescription drugs would be available without a co-pay. It may sound dreamy, but that’s because it is. The reality of Sanders’ utopia is that it’s far too costly.

When you have co-payments — when you say that health care is not a right for everybody, whether you’re poor or whether you’re a billionaire — the evidence suggests that it becomes a disincentive for people to get the health care they need,” Sanders complained.

Depending on the level of the co-payment, it may cost more to figure out how you collect it than to not have the co-payment at all.”


If Americans wanted single-payer healthcare, we’d have President Sanders right now. Sanders’ dismal performance as a presidential candidate proves how unpopular his ideas were with most Americans.

A lot of liberals idolize socialism. Eight years of President Obama led to an inculcation of a “what’s in it for me attitude” and a decline in the country’s education system. People want free stuff, and that’s what Sanders wants you to think he’s promising.

I think that the president, as well as the majority of the country, knows that the single payer system that the Democrats are proposing is a horrible idea,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said. “I can’t think of anything worse than having the government be more involved in your health care instead of less involved.”

The measure has no chance of passing in a Republican-controlled Congress, but 2018 could potentially give Democrats more power. Quite a few senators are facing tough reelection battles. The fact that Sanders has managed to snag so much support indicates that the Democrats’ position on healthcare is evolving.

Not only does the president not support it, but America doesn’t support it or Bernie Sanders would be sitting in the Oval Office right now. He pushed these ideas forward during the campaign. They were rejected, not just by America but by Democrats,” Huckabee Sanders said.

He didn’t make it through the primary. He didn’t make it into the Oval. I think that’s a pretty clear indication of what America wants to see, and it’s not a single-payer system.”


Sanders’ is a fringe politician who’s enjoying a surge in popularity because the left has become increasingly radical. Sanders’ radical healthcare plan has no chance of getting through Congress.

The press secretary is correct, Americans have already rejected Sanders’ ideas. Hillary Clinton was the least popular presidential candidate of all time yet Sanders still managed to lose to her during the primary. His supporters were loud but ineffectual.

Rather than give a detailed proposal about how we’re going to raise $3 trillion a year, we’d rather give the American people options,” Sanders said when questioned about the exorbitant cost of his bill.

The truth is, embarrassingly, that on this enormously important issue, there has not been the kind of research and study that we need… you have… insurance companies, telling us how terribly expensive it’s going to be. We have economists looking at it who are coming up with different numbers.”

Americans under 18 would immediately be eligible for healthcare under Sanders’ bill while older Americans would be phased into the program over four years. Doctors would be paid by the government.