PUBLISHED: 4:18 PM 19 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 5:03 PM 19 Dec 2017

Senate Strikes! Green Party Demand Reveals Serious Activity As New ‘Collusion’ Questions Surface

Jill Stien is being asked some questions about RT.

Jill Stien is being asked some questions about RT.

Green Party candidate for President of the United States of America, Jill Stien, was at one time a liberal with at least a nod towards common sense. For instance, she was wise enough to show that Hillary Clinton was far more of a warmonger than then-candidate, Donald Trump. However, that all changed after the election, and her reputation was so badly hit that Blasting News headlined, “Jill Stein is bringing disgrace to what was a noble and intelligent run.

Stien started to buy into the fake dossier that had been created by the DNC and others, thus destroying her credibility. Now, Newsmax has confirmed that the witch hunters at the “Senate Intelligence Committee has requested documents from 2016 Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein.” This is to look into “Russian colluding” during the election.

This is where America needs to understand more than media blurbs and talking points. Yes, Russia meddled in the election process, something that they did when Trump was still editing his reality show, so we can’t blame him. The president at no point had any connections with Russia regarding his victory over Clinton whatsoever, according to all data combed over.

Dennis Trainor Jr. (pictured) was the contact person when the media or others wanted to contact the Green Party candidate.

Even the person convicted in Russia of the cyber crime has confirmed that this was a Russian government endorsed hack. When the hacker was free to speak, he uttered not one peep about Mr. Trump, and this is a man with nothing to lose. He would have likely talked if he had anything to say rather than hang alone, so to speak. He was quick enough to rat out the Russian government, for example.

Dennis Trainor Jr, who Newsmax remind us was “the Stein campaign’s communications director and acting manager from January-August 2015,” said that the committee is looking for records “tied to him.” The reason given is that he was the “primary point of contact” for people attempting to contact the Green Party candidate.

One of those contacting her was RT, Russian Today.

Then I was told by Jill just to wait for further instructions,” said Trainor. This is because the Russian government funds RT. However, the U.S. government funds PBS in a similar manner, so before we call go too far accusing any network of government purse string dancing, we need to be careful.

No one expected to hear Stien’s name in regards to Russia again.

Is there some connection to Stien and Russia?

Is she being questioned in some way in regards to the White House?

At this time, we do not have enough facts to know anything solid about that. We do know that “Stein’s name has surfaced a handful of times during the Russia investigation, most notably being her presence at an RT dinner in Moscow.” We live, for better worse, in an interlocked world, so maybe sitting with Russian bigwigs was innocent enough.

Then again, if it was Mr. Trump sitting who had been sitting there, would he get the same grace? Certainly not, so until proven otherwise, Stien is suspect.

Only a partisan, biased person would suggest otherwise.

Source: Blasting NewsNewsmaxThe Conservative Daily Post