Female For Ford?

PUBLISHED: 10:13 PM 25 Sep 2018

Senate Republicans Hire Female Prosecutor To Question Ford On Thursday

Republicans have hired a female prosecutor, kowtowing to leftist demands, seemingly in order to be 'delicate' with Christine Ford

Senate republicans decided to hire a female prosecutor to question Christine Ford.

The allegations made by Christine Blasey Ford against Judge Brett Kavanaugh have continued to make headlines, with a number of liberals claiming that anyone who even questions Ford is somehow guilty of an attack. However, republicans think they’ve devised a way to make her ‘testimony’ more acceptable.

In preparation for the upcoming questioning of Dr. Ford in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, rumor has it that the top-ranking republican on the committee, Senator Chuck Grassley, has hired an outside “Female” attorney to question the claimant. The GOP’s ‘secret’ counsel choice will be ready for the accuser, but the real stunner is that the vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation has reportedly been scheduled.

According to Politico, Grassley confirmed that they had hired an outside person, a former prosecutor with experience in sex-crimes, to question Ford.

As he entered the Capitol Building, the Senator from Iowa said that they would not be announcing the name of the woman they had hired “for her safety.”

When pressed to say if there was any sort of credible threat against the attorney that they planned to use, the SJC chairman said that he was unsure, but that they were just being safe.

Given the fact that unhinged liberals have made a habit of verbally threatening, and often physically harming anyone who disagrees with their globalist viewpoint, his measures seem prudent.

In a discussion with Fox News, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the senior Senator from Kentucky, said that it was not an uncommon practice to hire outside counsel to perform the questioning at hearings like these.

On Monday morning, the SJC sent out its official notice for the hearing on Thursday, where Ford will, allegedly, finally give (possibly sworn) testimony concerning her claim in front of Senators.

However, as has been par for the course thus far, the accuser, Dr. Christine Ford, has continued to make demands concerning how the hearing must operate.

For example, she issued a demand that the hearing must be held in the Dirksen Senate building, rather than in the larger Hart Senate building.

This would not limit Senators who could show up to question her, though it would limit the media presence in the room, a strange concept for someone who allegedly wants people to know about her traumatic experience.

The format of the hearing, as well as its operation is still undecided.

Furthermore, the most recent letter from Dr. Ford’s attorney, Michael Bromwich, has once again cast serious doubt on whether or not she will show up to the hearing to be questioned.

So far, her claim has not been corroborated by anyone.

Of the four people she has declared were at the ‘party’ where the ‘assault’ was supposed to have occurred, no one has agreed with her account of events, or been able to place her, or Brett Kavanaugh, there, let alone together in the bedroom.

Still, she has insisted on making a number of demands, though some have fallen by the wayside.

At one point, there were even reports that she had demanded control over who could question her, said that she wanted to give her testimony after Kavanaugh gave his, and wanted bar him from being able to confront the accusations against him.

Seemingly, that would make it impossible for him to address his accuser, or to defend himself from her accusations.

If she could select who could, and who could not cross-examine her, it would further allow her allegations, which have no support at this point, to go unquestioned.

Some have suggested that the entire thing is little more than a delay tactic, and that, come Thursday, there will be no hearing.

Others have suggested that the reason that republicans hired a female prosecutor with experience in sex-crimes is in order to avoid the appearance of being ‘cruel’ to her during the hearing while cross-examining her.

To some, it seems that they simply gave in to liberal screeching about how her story deserved to be ‘respected’ (despite her complete lack of supporting evidence) in order to finally lay the claims to rest once and for all.

However, even if she decided not to show up on Thursday, it likely wouldn’t make much difference.

Some have claimed that the Senate plans to work through the weekend, and that they plan to call a vote on Monday.

It seems that republicans have had enough of the constant delays, and are not willing to hold off on the confirmation vote simply to pander to a leftist doctor who has produced no evidence for her claim.