PUBLISHED: 8:41 PM 11 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 11:50 PM 11 Jan 2018

Senate, Navy, And Obama White House LINKED To Illegal ‘Revenge’ Site As Posts Reveal Bragging

Revenge porn has been found on computers which go all the way to the top.

Revenge porn has been found on computers which go all the way to the top.

Only today, the Conservative Daily Post reported on the case of suspected blackmail as it relates to G.O.P governor, Eric Greitens . Some had accused the governor of wanting to blackmail the lady who he had the affair with, though that seems to not be the case. Perhaps, however, the reason that it was thought is that the government is knee-deep in the so-called “revenge porn” game in ways that most people would never have imagined.

The Daily Beast has discovered that “a notorious image board called Anon-IB, where users constantly upload non-consensual imagery, comment on it, and trade nudes like baseball cards.” As if that were not revolting enough, the “data shows Anon-IB users connecting from U.S. Senate, Navy, and other government computers, including the Executive Office of the President.”

Motherboard has shown that the military has been plagued by the onslaught of exposing sexuality for fun, profit, bragging, or blackmail, and senators have come out in droves against the unsettling practice. Still, it seems that the disrespect is enjoyed by those all the way the very top of U.S. leadership.

Revenge porn involves taking the pictures (and trust) of those who allowed the photo to be taken and abusing that option online.

Wow, tig ol bitties. You have any nudes to share?” wrote someone this past November. These words were written under “a photo of a woman who apparently works in D.C., while connecting from an IP address registered to the U.S. Senate.” It is more than probable that many of the officials rallying against revenge porn are engaged in it, at this rate.

Anon-IB is free to use and is split along genres in much the same way that more standard porn sites are.

Looking for wins of [redacted]. She used to send nudes to my friend all of the time. Would love to see some more,” wrote a person “connecting from the U.S. Senate IP address ” in August.

Much to the horror of Mr. Trump, some of the revenge porn hits have come from the President’s office.

Girl I know from [location redacted]. She was a [college redacted] and has the best tits I’ve ever seen,” said another user. “I would love to find some wins.”

There is even an “x-ray” application that allows for it to appear that a person is naked or wearing less than they really are, which makes the site even more creepy and disturbing.

As the law is getting tougher on offenders, some revenge porn fans are engaging in this practice from the highest branches of government.

As if all of this were not shocking enough, “at least one post is linked to the Executive Office of the President,” reports tell us. There are a “wide range of agencies” in this office, so it doubtful that Mr. Trump was sitting behind his desk trading snapshot pictures while married to one of the prettiest ladies alive, but the fact is still unnerving. These agencies include the “National Security Council, the Office of Science and Technology Policy, and the Office of the President.”

I have wins if anyone is ready to post. First one is free,” declared one site user before naming the girl in question. It is thought that some of these users may be from the “Office of Administration or the Office of Management and Budget.”

Work is being done to expose the IP addresses of those hoping to engage in such mean-spirited trading without being discovered, but at some point, we end up dealing with matters of encryption. When that happens, the 4th Amendment has to take precedence over a few dirty pictures.

Considering that these poweful users have already reached such high plateaus in life and are still engaging in tasteless and crass practices shows us more than the need to find a couple of IP addresses, anyhow. It points to the rot in our soul, and that is much harder to remove than even x-rated photos from the internet.

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