Transcript Release Looms

PUBLISHED: 5:34 AM 27 Jan 2018

Senate GOP Committee Members Move Towards Testimony Release In Russian Probe

Donald Trump Jr.’s And Other Testimony Transcripts Could Be Out As Soon As Possible

The senate committee is preparing the way to release the transcripts.

On Thursday, the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman announced the plans to release the transcripts of hearings pertaining to the Russian election meddling. Senator Grassley (R-IA) has proclaimed he wants to release transcripts that the committee has accumulated.

Referring to a testimony about a meeting at Trump Towers, the chairman believes the closed-door interviews will help ease public concern over President Trump and the Russians.

The judiciary committee has interviewed campaign advisor, Donald Trump Jr., eldest son of the president. Don Jr. attended a meeting with hired DNC lawyer and Russian national, Natalia Veselnitskaya. Lured there, the Russian claimed to be selling opposition research on Hillary Clinton.

One of three congressional committee’s investigation involves Russian collusion and meddling in the 2016 elections. This does not include the Robert Mueller investigation looking for collusion.

The Senate Judiciary Committee feels like an end to their probe is near. Hearing multiple interviews and reviewing countless documents, the chairman has begun legal proceedings to release the closed-door testimonies.

After the ranking Democratic member of the Judiciary Committee, Diane Feinstein (D-CA), took it upon herself to leak the transcripts of Glenn Simpson’s testimony, Fusion GPS co-founder, Simpson revealed information about the group being hired to conduct research into the potential Republican candidate.

Trying to find a connection between president Trump and the Kremlin, the consulting group is responsible for the acquisition of the false dossier which has caused turmoil in Washington. The unauthorized leak of information in an ongoing investigation has sparked controversy.

Feinstein has reproached the issue asserting Simpson asked her to release the transcripts. Simpson is reported to have been concerned with the amount of fake news floating around on the topic of his hearing.

Simpson’s testimony revealed that in fact, Marco Rubio initiated the opposition research into candidate Trump, and the Washington Free Beacon acquisitioned Fusion GPS’ services as well. Simpson then discussed how closely the media and the Democratic party support each other.

Grassley declared the leak has tampered with evidence by altering future testimony.

Spooking people who otherwise would willingly give accurate testaments, the chairman feels without providing assurances that some people may experience repercussions in their professional sphere if lawmakers are not careful in the dissemination of information.

Jared Kushner has changed how he feels about giving testimony to the committee if what he says is going to be leaked to the press. Senator Grassley has said if not for the rash actions of the Democratic senator, other people could have been debriefed in a timely and trusting manner.

While the two may disagree about the methods used to bring such documents to the public eye, Feinstein has agreed with Grassley over the need to make the hearings public.

The investigation into the meeting conducted at Trump Towers is at an end, according to the chairman of the judiciary committee. Grassley hopes that he will be able to release the transcript to the public, so everyone can see the lack of collusion between the president and the Russians.

Grassley wants people to see the abuse of powers touted by the Obama administration with their use of the Fusion GPS dossier. The testimonies not only alleviate the Trump family of wrongdoing, but they give credence to the claims made by the president and those around him. 

The president has long asserted that he and his team were being spied on by the administration and perhaps even Democratic party leadership. As evidence suggests, he was right about that once again. The testimony heard by the committee is a small piece of the governmental crisis facing Washington today.

The testimonies deal in part to the people involved with collecting and selling the dossier. There is a memo circulation around the House of Representatives which concerns itself entirely with the dossier and bureaucratic handlings.

Known as the FISA memo, the four pages drafted the by the House Intelligence Committee outlines the journey of the Russia Dossier. Beginning with the Fusion GPS and ending with a FISA warrant, President Trump is about to be vindicated.

For over a year, the left has been shouting about Russian collusion. When they failed to produce evidence, anyone who questioned the official narrative was called a Russian.

Now members of Congress are calling other legislators Russian spies because they feel the government should be held to a higher level of accountability.