Gun Control Stunt

PUBLISHED: 6:11 PM 5 Sep 2018
UPDATED: 6:17 PM 5 Sep 2018

Senate Dems Caught In Fake News ‘Publicity Stunt’?

They brought a grieving father to the hearing, hoping to push a gun control talking point. Luckily, they were found out.

Senate Democrats were caught making a publicity stunt and attempting to produce fake news during yesterday's hearing.

To say that the Brett Kavanaugh hearings yesterday were a political circus is an extreme understatement. Rather than asking poignant, well thought-out questions of the man who will likely be the next justice to sit on the United States Supreme Court, the democrat politicians, and their leftist allies in various advocacy groups, used it as a chance to stage flashy displays of their disrespect for the republican party and the confirmation process.

Many agree that among the other stunts that the Senate democrats staged during the hearing was a particularly insidious attempt that utilized the father of a child who died at the shooting in Parkland, Florida, to besmirch the reputation of Brett Kavanaugh. The left, in cooperation with their leftist media allies, seemed to hope that one picture would undermine his confirmation hearing once and for all.

It looks like they manufactured a ‘gun’ publicity stunt, using the memory of deceased children, much like they seem to have manufactured almost everything else that happened at the hearings yesterday. It seems to indicate that they think their voters are too stupid to recognize such a planned propaganda scheme.

Fred Guttenberg is the father of a young lady who met her untimely end at the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

On Monday, he tweeted a message to his followers, saying that he would be at the Kavanaugh hearings.

He also said that he hoped to play a role in ensuring that he would not become the next justice to sit on the Supreme Court.

Senator Dianne Feinstein, a democrat from California who has little to do with the local politics in Parkland, Florida, but who is a longtime advocate of extremely anti-gun measures, invited Mr. Guttenberg to attend the hearing.

She said that he knew how Kavanaugh’s ‘extreme views’ on guns and on the right to keep and bear arms, could lead to more massacres like the one his child suffered. There’s no way to ‘know’ that, but that didn’t stop her.

Of course, she didn’t take the time to bring Guttenberg to any of the previous meetings she had with the jurist, or to otherwise introduce them.

Instead, Guttenberg was sprung upon Kavanaugh after recess was called and security was in the process of walking him out of the highly contentious hearings that had already seen numerous arrests, including the arrest of Linda Sarsour, a leftist and Islamic extremist activist.

It almost seemed like they were hoping to get a picture of the nominee to the Supreme Court callously ignoring a father who lost his child to a lack of leftist-inspired gun control.

At least, that’s the angle that the media seemed happy to run with.

What the picture didn’t show, however, was that a man, who looked like he was a security officer of some sort (and these hearings certainly called for such security thanks to the leftist inanity involved thus far), stepped between the two and escorted Kavanaugh out of the court for the recess.

The SCOTUS nominee didn’t even notice that the grieving father was behind him at first, due to the way that he approached.

It’s seems completely understandable, given the things that happened during yesterday’s hearings, that he wouldn’t want to shake some random guy’s hand, who he had never met.

The hearings were home to all sorts of screaming, shrieking, and wailing from leftist activists in the audience.

It was also staged to a number of leftist politicians, allegedly led by Chuck Schumer, making absurd procedural interruptions in order to hold up the nomination process.

Democrats claimed that they were trying to adjourn the hearing until they could receive all the thousands of documents that they had requested on Kavanaugh and his time in the George W. Bush White House.

However, that claim rings hollow, considering that many of these elected officials had already stated that they had no intention of voting in favor of his confirmation.

Of course, the whole idea that what happened to Guttenberg’s child is somehow related to SCOTUS rulings on the Constitution of the United States seems disingenuous.

It wasn’t the Supreme Court that failed the schoolchildren in Parkland, Florida.

It was local law enforcement, including Sheriff Scott Israel, and the federal government. Together, they failed to act on any of dozens of calls and complaints about the strange conduct of the shooter. The Obama administration has also forced such kids to remain in the classroom, unlike 40-years-ago when such misfits would have been sent to reform school.

Then why bring the father to the hearing in the first place?

Some have suggested that the whole purpose was to script a picture in hopes of derailing the nomination.

It certainly seems possible, given the way that multiple news agencies quickly ran with the picture, and with a story of how cruel Mr. Kavanaugh ignored the grief of a father.

While the leftists may be hoping to utilize media deception and other stunts to undermine the candidacy, it doesn’t seem like that will work. With the addition of an all-but-guaranteed vote from Jon Kyl, it seems unlikely that the left will be able to undermine the nomination process without resorting to cheap political tricks like this.