Mueller Plan B

PUBLISHED: 7:18 PM 11 May 2018

Senate Democrats Have Plan B To Protect Mueller

He won’t provide details, but the gist of the scheme involves protecting key deep state players and any ‘evidence’ Mueller collected.

Senate Democrats have a Plan B to protect Mueller. The real question is why are they trying to protect him?

Robert Mueller’s special investigation has dragged on for months without any serious results. Worse still, it seems that the longer the investigation continues, the more corruption it uncovers in the ‘deep state,’ not within the Donald Trump campaign or its members.

Due to the failures of the investigation, Democrat lawmakers are weighing a ‘Plan B’ to preserve the investigation and Mueller’s work, and to protect the former FBI Director from losing his position of power. It would be hilarious to watch them struggle to continue the useless investigation, if it were not so horrifying and didn’t cost taxpayer millions. Moreover, their wicked intent is to use that information to try to unseat a very successful, conservative president.

President Donald Trump, along with members of Congress and Senate, and even leftist legal experts like Alan Dershowitz, have pointed out that the nearly year-long ‘investigation’ seems to be aimless and has produced no evidence of ‘collusion’ between the President, his campaign team and Russian officials.

Members of the Democrat Party fear that the meandering probe will eventually end, either with the dismissal of Acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, or with Mueller’s removal.

To prevent the probe from concluding any time soon, they’ve brought forward various ideas to preserve the ongoing investigation.

Last month, Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal, who represents Connecticut, confirmed that he prepared a “Plan B” after Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader, refused to bring legislation up for a floor vote that would have protected Mueller.

Blumenthal says that liberals are hoping to ‘preserve’ the ‘evidence’ and the report that Mueller’s investigation thus far generated. It sounds like he hopes that the left will find some way to release the entire report to the public, perhaps in an attempt to make the President look bad with tainted evidence from a politically-biased investigation.

Democrats also routinely mentioned a ‘constitutional crisis,’ and how they think that Republicans are willing to do anything that they can to avoid it.

Some leftist members of the Senate Judiciary Committee believe that they could force their bill aimed at protecting Mueller through with scant ‘bipartisan’ support from RINOs. They believe that changes to the bill, which focus on ‘transparency’ and would apply to future special counsels, will make the bill more palatable.

Meanwhile, House democrats are also considering extreme options to make sure that the Mueller investigation never ends.

Some democrats even considered measures like sitting outside Mueller’s office, keeping a ‘vigil’ to make sure nothing happens to him. <insert giant eye-roll>

Congressman Jerry Nadler, the leading democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, told his constituents in New York that the DNC’s goal was to ensure that it would be “politically unsustainable” for the president to end the investigation.

Last month, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted on a bill to allow anyone appointed special counsel to appeal their removal in front of a panel of three federal judges.

However, many conservatives (and even some legal scholars) said that this would overstep the judiciary’s limited authority over personnel choices made by the President. He is the ‘executive’ leader of the country.

Now, the newest backup plan is to allow Mueller the chance to deliver a parting blow against President Trump if he were removed.

Democrat discussions recently came up with three ideas to do this.

Firstly, they wanted to demand that no matter what happens in the investigation, Congress must receive the final report from Mueller’s investigation.

Secondly, democrats decided they were fans of transparency suddenly, after eight years of fighting against it when Barack Obama was in office. They say that if Mueller is fired, he should be allowed to publicly release ‘his findings’ on the case. Given the bias displayed in his work thus far, that likely means he would release a partisan hatchet piece, which the media would uncritically publish to discredit President Trump.

Thirdly, they wanted to provide Mueller the option to resign and ‘release his work’ if he feels like the investigation is being stifled.

In other words, democrats insisted that the special investigation run on as long as their political crony feels necessary.

Meanwhile, even the federal court system has had enough of Mueller’s prosecution and its absurd tactics. One federal judge pointed out that the investigation seemed to be an aimless fishing expedition, and demanded that the special investigation team turn over an unredacted copy of the scope memo.

The scope memo, written by Rod Rosenstein, should limit what the investigation is empowered to look into. At this point, many people have questioned just what the scope of the investigation is… it seems there is no limit.

Despite what the democrats may say about the investigation ‘closing in’ on the White House, there is no evidence of wrongdoing at any point on the part of the President.

Thus far, the investigation turned up evidence that people lied to the FBI about perfectly legal conduct, and even information about possible bank fraud or tax evasion, but that’s about it.

Leftists may think that the Mueller investigation, which has run for nearly a year and cost more than $9 million, is something worth protecting. However, most of the rest of the country sees it as a farce that turned up minor wrongdoing and no evidence of any ‘smoking gun.’ It’s plain to see that democrats just hope the ongoing investigation will be a political talking point in the 2018 (and perhaps even 2020) election seasons.