Democrats Stymied

PUBLISHED: 8:11 PM 10 Oct 2018

Senate Defeats Measure That Attempted To Reign In Health Insurance Choices

In an extremely partisan and supremely narrow vote, the Senate stopped democrats from undoing 'short-term' health insurance. In doing so, they showed who the real party of 'choice' is.

The Senate defeated a measure earlier today that attempted to reign in health insurance choices.

Democrats have shifted their focus from their attempt to impugn Brett Kavanaugh to health care. However, earlier today, their scheme was dealt a blow when a bill to overrule a President Trump health care law fell flat.

On Wednesday, a leftist measure to overrule President Donald Trump’s expansion of short-term health insurance plans was defeated on a narrow, almost party-line vote. Many speculated that the left forced the vote in hopes that they could campaign off of it. Although Susan Collins defected to the democrats, but the leftists still couldn’t win.

President Donald J. Trump expanded short-term health insurance plans, which didn’t meet ‘Obamacare’ ‘qualifications,’ and which didn’t have to cover pre-existing conditions, or cover mental health services or prescription drugs, looking to provide an option for people who couldn’t afford the expensive ACA-approved options.

Democrats sought to overrule Trump’s plan to provide more options to consumers.

The vote ended up an evenly split 50-50, thanks to Senator Susan Collins, a ‘republican’ (or a republican in name only) from Maine who voted in a solid bloc against the idea of allowing health insurance consumers to have more choice when it came to their health options.

When democrats brought forward the measure, they argued that the plans were “junk” insurance plans, and they seemed to think that they could use the plans to pain the republicans as wrong on health care in the public eye.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York proclaimed from the floor of the Senate that in a few weeks, the American people would be able to choose between candidates like him who would “safeguard protections now in place” in the American insurance market, or republicans who he said would “gut our health-care system.”

It’s strange to hear someone suggest that more options, especially options that could work for people who are short on cash, somehow qualifies as ‘gutting’ a health-care system.

Furthermore, the idea that it is ‘our’ health care system is a dishonest one. Schumer, like every other politician on Capitol Hill, does not use the same health system as the general public.

Senator Lamar Alexander, a republican from Tennessee, pointed out that the short-term plans offered consumers a cheaper choice, and that for those who didn’t want such a plan, Barack Obama’s government healthcare was still available, further raising questions as to how the health insurance options were ‘gutted.’

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the senior republican Senator from Kentucky, said that his constituents deserved more options when it came to their health insurance choices, not fewer, and that the democrat plan to destroy one of the options that was still “actually working for American families” was a poor one.

Once again, ‘republican’ Susan Collins showed that she is a republican only when she feels like it, and that when push comes to shove, she is easily convinced to vote against her party.

In this case, she caved because left-leaning ‘experts’ claimed that the audacious idea of allowing people choices would take money out of the hands of the ‘insurance pools’ for Obamacare plans, which would raise premiums on people who chose to participate in them.

In other words, because leftists know better than consumers what level of insurance they need, other options, not approved by the ‘Affordable’ Care Act, which passed without a single republican vote, should not be allowed to exist.

It seems to most people the only ‘choice’ that democrats are really in favor of is the ‘choice’ to abort a child.

Short-term plans allowed those who utilized them to carry insurance, for a much lower price than the ‘approved’ plans, in exchange for reduced coverage.

Obamacare was pushed by leftists in the government in part because they decided that insurance plans needed to meet their ‘requirements,’ since, again, consumers and plebs obviously couldn’t be trusted to make choices about their health insurance needs on their own.

However, those who pushed for greater choices, and a wider variety of options for consumers, came out on top.