PUBLISHED: 8:59 PM 8 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 10:22 PM 8 Dec 2017

BREAKING: Senate Candidate’s Accuser Forced To Admit Truth As Yearbook Questioned

Beverly Nelson (left) and her lawyer Gloria Allred at Friday's press conference.

Beverly Nelson (left) and her lawyer Gloria Allred at Friday’s press conference.

Democrats have spent a lot of time whining about unfairness. They have reluctantly watched Senator Al Franken and Representative John Conyers announce they are leaving the Party after multiple women have accused them of sexual harassment and abuse. Democrats want to know why Republicans such as Roy Moore are staying involved when he has been accused as well.

There are several differences between Franken and Conyers and Moore. One of the biggest though has been that, from the beginning, those accusing Moore have been questionable. That was confirmed today as Beverly Nelson came forward to admit that the signature in the yearbook, part of her “evidence”, was faked.

Nelson and her lawyer Gloria Allred have presented the yearbook as proof that she and Moore were involved in some way decades ago. At a press conference today, Nelson stated that she only added the date and the place, emphasizing “He did sign it.”

The problem here is that the date was supposed to “prove” that Moore assaulted Nelson while she was 16. Without an actual date that is honest, that signature means even less than it did before. 

Take notice that in the “full” account in the video, neither mentions that Nelson added to the signature.

Allred stated that the signature had been confirmed as Moore’s writing by forensic document expert Arthur Anthony. Allred stated, “That’s Roy Moore’s signature, according to the expert.” Nelson’s claim is that Moore groped her while she was working at a restaurant. The same restaurant name she added to the yearbook signature.

Neither Nelson or Allred had ever mentioned her adding details to the signature despite Moore contesting it is his from the beginning. Allred stated during today’s press conference that is was normal for people to make noted about where and when an autograph was given. She also said Nelson never said she hadn’t written underneath the signature. So omission is not a lie? Even when a man’s marriage and career could be on the line?

“There are a lot of other things we haven’t disclosed that support Beverly,” Allred said. Exactly when do they believe it might be appropriate to share those? Perhaps after they have ruined Moore’s life?

Moore was quick to point out Nelson’s inconsistencies.

There are several other accusers pointing fingers at Moore. However, some of them have been shown to have credibility issues as well. There are too many questions and too few answers. Clearly, Alabama feels the same because Moore is still leading the Senate race in that state.

Source: Washington Times