Muslim Activist Accused Of Vile Crime

PUBLISHED: 8:54 PM 31 Jan 2018

Self-Proclaimed Muslim Reformer Detained, Accused Of Disgusting Crime

He is referred to as the Muslim Martin Luther King.

Former Oxford Professor and Self Proclaimed Islamic Reformer, Tariq Ramadan, 55, has been arrested and charges of battery and rape are against him.

Europeans are slowly, but surely, starting to see through the guise that many Muslims moving into their society harbor within themselves. It is a culture that seeks to dominate and control, something that should worry every breathing European.

Many witness this rage and anger first hand when they are the victims of Muslim scourge when their power is challenged. None might know more about this hidden rage better than supposed Muslim “reformist” Tariq Ramadan, who has now been detained in Paris for beating and raping a woman who trusted him because after he was finished he told her that now she had been with a real man.

Ramadan is a world-renowned Islamic scholar and used to hold a position with Oxford University. He would lecture the West about the horrors of the medieval age Christians while still giving Islam a platform to stay relevant.

This is nothing more than a way to misinform Westerners and kafir about what Islam is and does so they let their guard down. Ramadan has been accused many times of saying one thing to a Western audience and completely different things to a Muslim audience.

Unsurprisingly this kind of lying and manipulation of truth has earned him the nickname “The Viper” across the European continent.

His position as a supposed reformist is nothing more than a charade to infiltrate and spread the will of Sharia to the kafir and infidels.

Despite his stance as a reformist, Ramadan has apparently no problem with the teachings of Islam where Muslim men can treat women as they please.  This includes raping those who deserve it and deserving it could simply mean saying no.

It is a religion that actually condones men raping women in certain instances.

Rape as a form of punishment in the West would be considered cruel and unusual and yet, apparently to Muslims, some women just deserve it.

Does one really think that a feminist thinks this way? That some women just deserve it?

Muslims especially despise infidel women who resist Muslim men’s advances. They are already sub-human in the eyes of Muslim men since they do not see Muhammad as a prophet, but if they resist their advances then they are as good as dead.

These are men who were told as boys that resistance is not acceptable, so naturally, their religion has empowered them to do what must be done to the non-believers. They think they are actually doing good when they are raping women because that somehow proves to the infidel women that Islam is better.

Ramadan’s accuser, Henda Ayari, was a former Muslim but turned to treasure the secularism found in the West. No longer did she have to cover herself so her rape would be justified in the eyes of Muslim clerics, she could live freely in the West, or so she thought.

Ramadan was giving a speech at a Muslim conference and invited Ayari to the hotel where the conferences were being held. This is all from the book that Ayari wrote to expose this powerful man who had abused her.

He brought her up to his hotel room and it was there where he tried to press himself onto her. She resisted because she is entirely entitled to say no, however, Ramadan did not recognize that right.

Her resistance only infuriated a man like Ramadan, who was used to the level of power he had acquired and that Muslim men cannot be denied sex.  He began striking her and humiliating her, this man was after one thing and he would not be denied.

This is the rage that manifests itself in the minds of those who believe that others deserve punishments such as rape and stoning.  They cannot cope with refusal because they are the rulers of the world in their eyes.

The kafir are there to be slaughtered and conquered so their laws are nothing more than obstacles.  That is why rape is becoming such a massive problem in Europe and the United States.  Muslim men become enraged if their advances are not met with total openness, and the perseverance of Muslim men to take what they want is justification in their mind that they are correct.

Muslims believe it is them against the world and so their way of life must be correct.  That means that everyone else is wrong in their minds so when they finish raping a woman they almost feel like they saved the women.

It is a backward and medieval religion that pushes men to do as they please and treat everyone in the way with utter hatred.