PUBLISHED: 3:51 AM 16 Sep 2016

Security Report Shows 8 In 10 Illegal Immigrants Given “Second Chance”

Illegal Immigrants Captured

8 In 10 Illegals Get A Second Chance Under Obama

One of the biggest issues this current Presidential election has been illegal immigration. Part of the reason has been Donald Trump’s promise to “build a wall” to keep the illegals out. Now naturally every Democrat was up in arms saying that that was wrong.

To help the Democrats claim that they don’t need a wall and the border security is doing just fine, the Department of Homeland Security has claimed that 80 percent of adults trying to sneak into the United States are captured. That would be a nice number, if it were true.

Federal lawmakers had ordered up a report from the DHS, but the agency doesn’t want to release it. Instead they use that 80 percent statistic. Except that number is padded. The report was completed back in November, and it shows that about half the people that attempt to cross into the United States actually make it.

Now if the Obama administration were to release the report, the numbers would severely impact the political race, and it would most likely make Trump look better than before. In fact a source told Fox News that the DHS is hiding the report for, “political reasons… because it would ‘look bad’ and ‘help elect Donald Trump.’”

Obama Sad Flag

They literally Won’t Release The Report Because It Makes Trump Look Good

Naturally Republican lawmakers are not too happy that the report that they ordered isn’t being released. This is just another example of the Obama administration doing what it can to help Hillary Clinton win the presidential race. Besides, if you really think about it, if the numbers in the report weren’t as damaging as sources say they are, then it would be released with no issues.

However because it makes the Republican presidential nominee look better than he already is, the Obama administration doesn’t want to release it. Other Republicans have taken note of this.

Obama Speaking About The New Legislation He Is Eager To Pass

Obama Is Not Willing To Release This Report Because It Makes Him Look Bad And Trunp Look Good

“It erodes the trust as to whether the administration is being honest with the American people about what the threat is,” said Representative Martha McSally, a Republican from Arizona. She also serves on the Committee on Homeland Security and is actually the chairperson for the Border and Maritime Security Subcommittee.

“This should not be a partisan issue. Democrats, Independents and Republicans in my community want to make sure that border communities are safe.” She is completely right. People need to make sure that the border is safe, and if this report shows that the border security just isn’t getting the job done, then we need some change.

The House and Senate Appropriations Committee originally requested the report as part of the Fiscal 2016 Omnibus Bill. Unfortunately it has been kept in secret. Only a few people in key administration figures are allowed to see it.

The most likely reason that it is being withheld is because it would drastically help Trump. That is the only logical reason that it is being withheld. Unless you want to listen to what the DHS has to say.

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The Only Reason That They Are Withholding This Report Is Because It Helps Trump

“Any suggestion that the DHS is delaying release of a report on new border enforcement measure for political reasons is false. To the contrary, at Secretary Johnson’s direction, DHS has been making significant progress in the development of such measures. At this point, however, the work is still preliminary and requires further refinement, to ensure the new measures are accurate and reliable.”

If that is the case, then why are there people saying the November report is finished and you just refused to release it? The document is supposed to examine the Interdiction Effectiveness Rate, which is the number of adults caught at the border by law enforcement.

However when DHS briefed members of the House and Senate earlier this year, they blended the report with non-IER statistics. Those non-IER statistics include unaccompanied children and those who surrendered to Border Patrol. That led them to have the claim that only 20 percent of would-be illegal immigrants are successful.

The real IER estimate is HALF. That’s right, half the people are successful. But the Obama administration won’t release the report saying that because it would help out Trump in the election.

Obama Disrespects Our Military Once Again

This Report Literally Makes Obama Look Worse Than Ever

It’s not surprising in the slightest that the Obama administration has kept this information secret. That was from Jessica Vaughan, the director of policy research for the Center for Immigration Studies.

“It appears to me that this research could have been suppressed because it contradicts the Obama administration’s narrative that the border is secure, and contradicts the administration’s wish for people to believe that illegal immigration is a thing of the past.”

That is a definite fact. They want to claim that we don’t need a wall to help them. Well if that is the case then why don’t they release the report that shows the true information? Because as stated before, it is only going to help Trump win the presidential election.


Trump Will Do Better In The Election If This Report Is Released

So basically what we have is another indication that the Obama administration is doing what it can to hinder any support for Trump’s claims. Seriously think about it. If the report were in favor of the Democrats, then they would be releasing it no problem but since the numbers are bad, they would only support Trump.

Share this article to show that the Obama administration is purposefully withholding information that would support Trump’s stance on illegal immigration. If they claim that illegal immigration isn’t as much of a concern that Trump makes it out to be, then they would have released this report. However the report is supporting Trump’s claims.

If you are tired of this administration doing what it can to put the safety of the United States at risk, then go and vote for Trump. If Clinton gets in, then we are going to have another four years of information that isn’t accurate. That will really put the safety of the American people in jeopardy.