PUBLISHED: 9:41 PM 17 Feb 2017

Secretary Tillerson Fires Obama Officials Within U.S. State Department, Draining Swamp


Rex Tillerson is draining the swamp at the State Department, an agency has let America down for many years.

Usually, when a politician talks about fighting or eliminating waste in Washington, it is just that…talk. If an agency is not stealing from us via taxes, they are spying into our mailboxes and email accounts. People in the government are paid to steal our money via fees, restrictions, and the kind of senseless red tape that president Donald Trump has sworn to see bested. Even though he ran on this platform all the way past one in the morning on the day of the actual election, many Americans believed that Trump could tackle the TPP or The Wall, but government waste? Never. Utter pipe dreams, right?

Once again, love him or hate him, no one can honestly call Donald Trump a liar. He did not promise one thing and do another before the voting machines were taken down like (Obama) other presidents have done. We all remember “no new taxes” from George H.W. Bush right before he raised taxes and who could forget “if you like your insurance….” from Obama? Well, it seems that Donald Trump is not that kind of politician and neither are those that he hires. This can be obviously seen in the actions of U.S. State Department head Rex Tillerson who has laid off unneeded members of that massive department.


Trump has shown the door and presented the pink slips to those in the State Department that have made constant failures under Clinton, Bush, and Obama.

The old guard loyal to the traitors Hilary Clinton and John Kerry already left in droves the moment that Tillerson was touring the Harry S. Truman building, before he was even confirmed. This seems to have only made the trimming of the unneeded fat even easier, so it can be said that the Democrats have at least helped Trump in one way. Still, no one expected that he would clear out most of the seventh floor, which houses the Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources and the Counselor offices, to be left as ghost towns, but that goes a long way towards showing how useless and ineffective so much of government really was/is.

Much of what these people did was question the president, something that is the role of his cabinet and Secretary of State, not the entire U.S. State Department. There is some fear that Trump could be over gutting the people who are experts on policy making, but considering what terrible deals the nation has suffered through and how solid Trump is at the art of deal making, this can only be an absolute blessing. If these people were who “helped” write policy for Obama, Bush, or even Bill Clinton….goodbye now. Please don’t return. Thanks.


As seen in the poor job done by Hilary Clinton (pictured) and John Kerry, the State Department was made up of those that have leveled America.

According to CBS News, this move will see “foreign policy portfolios will be controlled directly by the White House, rather than through the professional diplomats.” Now we all know that Donald Trump can use a bit of help on implementing policy (something that should get better if when Priebus gets fired), but policy writing is something that America has long tired of seeing diplomats attempt. As a matter of fact, Trump was hired to fire the kinds of people that Tillerson just showed the door to. By laying them off instead of outright firing them, those needed will be missed and welcomed back.

CBS also notes that not one State Department member was included in White House meeting with Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu, but with all of the leaks that have plagued and swarmed Trump like bullet ants, why would he include them, considering their commitment to ruining his presidency? CBS has stated that Trump relying on Jared Kushner who had little experience and was used more than the State Department was questionable, but how can a person of Kushner’s status, having made many deals, guilty of being inexperienced? With the State Department having “helped” Obama, Israel is on the verge of being attacked by every terrorist with a lighter and a wick, so Trump is wise to avoid the whole department until Tillerson is done dusting and cleaning.


If the U.S. State Department has done so well, why does North Korea have the bomb and why are they pointed at us?

The left has been hoping that Trump would not have what he called a “more personal” talk with Netanyahu because fake news socialists like the vipers at CBS want to see the Trump expertise watered down by “multilateralism” which is destroying America and leading to why everyone is tired of the mainstream, anti-American news. The people of America DO NOT WANT the Trump message watered down at all, but rather, left free to do what it will do, which is make the economy great again – State Department leftists be damned.

Ambassador Kristie Kenney, the Counselor of the State Department was shown the door, a person who has been with the State Department since Bill Clinton allowed NAFTA to run America into an iceberg, so it is clear to see why she was no longer needed. She has done a such a terrible job that Tillerson does has not plan to even fill her position with anyone else. Now that is the sound of America draining the swamp, so enjoy the sound, and do watch for the mud.


Many of those loyal to John Kerry, who oversaw the disaster known as the “Iranian Deal,” have thankfully been removed from the State Department.

Tom Countryman, Former Assistant Secretary for Non-Proliferation has hysterically said that “It is irresponsible to let qualified, nonpartisan, experienced people go before you have any idea of their replacement. You can’t do foreign policy by sitting in the White House, just out of your back pocket,” while commenting on Trump’s idea to “not rely” on the State Department. That is a pretty rich statement considering that the “help” of the State Department has seen China gain nuclear weapons under Clinton, North Korea develop them under both Bush and Obama, and even they were there “helping” in our relationship with Russia. With that track record, Donald Trump would be a total buffoon to rely on them.

When Trump said that “our people” are not in the government agencies, he meant it, and the American voters agreed. No matter how much the fake news agencies like CBS and ABC whine about fake agencies like the State Department (before Tillerson entered with janitor mop in hand), America wants good deals to be made, and that does not in anyway include even a single leftover rotting piece of meat from the Clinton, Bush, or Obama administration. The nation just can not take it.