Tillerson Marks 1 Year

PUBLISHED: 12:32 AM 2 Feb 2018

Secretary Tillerson Defies Odds, Marks 1 Year Anniversary In White House

Last year at this time, many said he would be the next to go.

Rex Tillerson (pictured) did what some thought could not be done.

As the news progresses each day and President Donald Trump is racking up win after win with everything from the economy to the border, it is easy to forget how hard it was at first. Only one short year ago, leaks were so common that the White House looked like a water park. Many of the faces that we saw last January, such as Renice Priebus and Steve Bannon, are long gone, never to return again. Through it all, however, one man has bested the storms and beaten the odds.

MSN News took notice of this as they write that “Secretary of State Rex Tillerson celebrates one year in office on Thursday.” Only months ago, it was said by many pundits that he would be walking by Amorsa and Sean Spicer to the unemployment line.

MSN quotes the very liberal CNN and takes a jab at Mr. Trump by calling him a “mercurial boss who, at times, publicly undermined his diplomatic efforts on social media,” yet much of that was needed given the situation that caused it. It worked to get Tillerson’s act together, which is seen by the fact that is still there!

Tillerson is to have called President Trump a “moron,” which the MSN ran with as if that was the end of the world. While no one knows for sure, it can be imagined that much worse has been said by both men, at least from what we know about their past interactions.

Just the same, work is getting done and progress is being made. Something as simple as a name calling is not likely to lead to anyone’s dismissal under such circumstances.

Tillerson, for his part, is known to have found better ways to communicate with Mr. Trump, something that may ensure that he remains in D.C. besides our nation’s leader for quite some time.

Tillerson had never held public office before his appointment and he was not part of the president’s campaign, so many were shocked at his selection. This man who his enemies said was to “tied to Russia” to work well joked,”Hi, I’m the new guy,” when he first took the job.

He added at the time, “As such, I will depend on the expertise of this institution.”

Since he took over the state department, he has been “streamlining the organizational chart, updating the technological infrastructure, cutting the budget by as much as 30%, and questioning the value of various positions and offices.” The amount of needless jobs that he cut is now legendary in our nation’s capital.

If this is the kind of the job that Rex Tillerson is going to do, considering that even North Korea is watchful of him, we can all look forward to him remaining as Secretary of State for a very long time.

Even a “moron” can see that.

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