Secret Service Employee Arrested

PUBLISHED: 5:40 PM 8 Mar 2018

Secret Service Employee Arrested For Obscene Child Material On Computer

The state police were tipped off about him for National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

An employee of the United States Secret Service was arrested for distribution of child pornography. The police have since seized his electronic devices and taken him into custody.

The United States Secret Service has run into multiple scandals in the last few years, and as demands on the Secret Service have increased, it seems like the quality of applicant the agency attracts has taken a turn for the worse.

In Baltimore, Maryland, a United States Secret Service employee has been arrested for materials found on his computer.  Those materials are of the child pornographic nature, and they could lead to serious charges for Jeffrey Litteral.

The process of finding Litteral was a long and interesting one.  Maryland State Police was first tipped off by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which discovered that possible child pornography was uploaded from a computer and IP address in Caroline County.

After a short investigation, it was discovered that Litteral was the one uploading child pornography.

Further, local law enforcement officials discovered that Litteral was also currently employed by the United States Secret Service.

On Tuesday, March 6, law enforcement officials arrested Litteral and seized electronic devices from his home as well.

He faces charges including possession of child pornography, distribution of obscene material, and distribution of child pornography.

That list of charges suggests that not only did he receive pornographic images of children and minors, but that he also distributed the pictures to others, either via direct transmission or via some sort of forum.

Neither of those scenarios is good, and neither would end well for Jeffrey Litteral.

This is not the first time that the United States Secret Service has been in the news for the worst possible reasons, however. It seems like misconduct in the Secret Service has been a real issue since the Obama years.

In 2012, 11 USSS agents, along with personnel from every military branch except for the Coast Guard, were accused of hiring prostitutes while in Cartagena, Columbia.

They were in the area working as a security detail for former President Barack Obama.

Within a few weeks, nine of the agents had resigned from the United States Secret Service.

The scandal was so horrific to the USSS that they introduced new rules to agents and personnel.

Those new rules required that agents and employees of the United States Secret Service were expected not to go into “non-reputable” establishments, which sounds like a roundabout way of saying establishment of ‘ill-repute.’

Further, they were instructed not to drink 10 hours before a shift, and the rules were tightened concerning who was allowed into hotel rooms being used by the United States Secret Service.

Then, in 2015, two senior agents in the United States Secret Service slammed a car into a barrier in the White House ‘Complex.’

They had been driving the vehicle while drunk, an investigation would discover.

Jason Chaffetz was among the congressmen in the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform who were assigned to investigate the incident.

Shortly thereafter, 18 employees of the Secret Service, including its Assistant Director, Ed Lowery, accessed an employment application Chaffetz had sent in 2003 to the Secret Service, hoping for employment at the agency.

These 18 employees discussed leaking the application to the media, and eventually, it was leaked, appearing in The Daily Beast.

The director of the Secret Service at the time, Joe Clancy, made a public apology to Jason Chaffetz and claimed that those involved would be held responsible.

According to his LinkedIn page, Ed Lowery certainly never experienced any repercussions; he held the position of Assistant Director of the United States Secret Service until President Donald Trump took office.

Shortly after President Donald Trump took office, a Secret Service agent working on Vice President Mike Pence’s security detail, one of the most important details in the country, was discovered visiting a prostitute at a hotel in Maryland.

The United States Secret Service performs some of the most important work in the United States government.  They run security details that allow presidents and other elected officials to go about their day without having to worry about their safety.  They protect presidential children and family members.

If the United States Secret Service cannot ensure that the people they are hiring are of a higher moral quality and that they are capable of performing the work that they need to do, the United States Secret Service will not long be able to operate as it currently does.

The United States Secret Service was once one of the most prestigious organizations in government.  After multiple scandals, the organization needs to find a way to improve their image.