PUBLISHED: 9:13 PM 31 Oct 2016
UPDATED: 9:15 PM 31 Oct 2016

Secret Service Agents Reveal Truth, Clinton Was DRUNK On Duty


Clintons Problems Are Worse Than We Imagined

In the United States of America, turning 21 is considered a big deal. It’s the age that people can legally drink and people often make a big deal out of it. Drinking responsibly is something that should be taken seriously.

When people don’t drink responsibly, they can either develop an addiction or something even worse. This is why there are so many commercials that are about drinking responsibly. It’s also the reason that there are people that say you need positive role models in their lives.

Hillary Clinton might seem like a role model to Democrats but that couldn’t be any further from the truth. There have been reports that have told of Clinton’s drinking habits and they are not good at all. The newest report comes from when she was campaigning in New Jersey and she was “visibly intoxicated.”

A law enforcement source has said that Clinton was drinking vodka in the morning before a campaign rally. “She’d been hitting it (alcohol) early,” that was something that was said from one of Clinton’s Secret Service members. But it wasn’t the first time that Clinton has enjoyed multiple drinks before taking the stage at a campaign rally, a fundraiser, or a television appearance.


Clinton Needs To Drink Before Any Public Event

“It’s happened before but not that early in the day.” It’s understandable to have a drink to calm you down before something important, but it’s ONE drink! People aren’t “hitting it early” when they have to prepare for something!

Clinton was in Newark, NJ for a campaign rally at Rutgers University and was being attended by Senator Cory Booker and Jon Bon Jovi. That was when the rock star had endorsed her for president. It was an attempt to boost her chances of defeating Bernie Sanders in the New Jersey Democratic primary.

Clinton had arrived in Newark on the morning of June 1. According to sources, Clinton and her Secret Service entered a gate-controlled parking lot off of Washington Street in downtown Newark. It was near the Golden Dome Athletic Center at Rutgers’ Newark campus. It was at that time that Clinton and her aide Huma Abedin met up with Senator Booker.

Law enforcement sources have said that Clinton seemed visibly liquored and at times loud and “animated” when she arrived before the scheduled 1:30 pm rally. Basically she was drunk! Drunken people are always loud and “animated” and if you don’t believe it just go to a bar!

The proof of her drunkenness was captured on video and shared by Senator Booker on Twitter. He said that he was filming her arrival for his Snapchat fans. But that wasn’t the only source that had described Clinton’s behavior as odd. The video that was shown had the Daily Wire describing Clinton as acting “like an insane Bag Lady.”

It was her altered state that forced the campaign and Senator Booker to make a pit stop to “get some strong coffee into her,” later on in the day. The duo ended up at Omar’s Café. It’s a discreet Cuban coffee haunt in Newark’s northward. The café is relatively close but the traffic route is congested during weekdays. It’s a 3-mile drive but it can take 25 minutes under the right conditions.

Considering that they were going to have a presidential candidate there, it’s going to make traffic that much heavier. The source said that it was “easy to lose any press who try to follow.”

Clinton has a history of drinking often and some of the WikiLeaks emails have confirmed that. There was a chain that showed her aides were talking of sobering her up. From August of 2015 and email from communications aide Jennifer Palmieri had instructed campaign chairman John Podesta to locate and sober Clinton up so she can respond to documents that were emailed HOURS before!


Clinton Has Had A History Of Drinking Problems

“I think you should call her and sober her up some.” But that was from this presidential campaign. Back when she was running against President Obama there was a reporter from the New York Times that was surprised at how much alcohol Clinton drank on the campaign trail.

“Hmm. She likes to drink. We were on the campaign trail in 2008 and the press thought she was just taking shots to pander to voters in Pennsylvania. Um, no.” Terry McAuliffe, the governor of Virginia, even commented on it. “She loves to sit, throw ‘em back. So to me this is nothin’ new. We all hear about the story that she and John McCain actually had a shot contest, I think in the Ukraine or somewhere around the world. And she actually beat John McCain in a shot contest. She’s a girl from Illinois who likes to throw ‘em down with the rest of us.”

As stated before, her drinking habits have been well documented. Conservative Daily Post has covered an event that showed a leaked medical report that detailed just how bad Clinton’s drinking is. If she is drinking this much while campaigning, it’s a little disturbing to think how much she will drink if she is in the Oval Office.

And since alcohol is technically a drug, it’s something that doctors and other medical professionals warn about. There was also a time when the United States cabinet members were exposed, showing one of the biggest drug scandals in the history of the United States government.

Share this article to show that the Democratic presidential nominee has a bit of a drinking problem. She is more than willing to slam drinks down before any political event. And it isn’t just a drink to calm the nerves either. She is getting drunk to the point where she could be making a scene.

Is this really how we want someone preparing for intense political meetings? What if Clinton is the president of the United States and gets drunk to the point where she insults foreign ministers? That is a risk that people cannot afford to make right now. This is just another reason that we need to have Donald Trump in office.