Immigration Rally Fracas

PUBLISHED: 9:11 PM 3 Jul 2018
UPDATED: 9:12 PM 3 Jul 2018

Secret Service Agent Assaulted After Leftist Protest, Assailant Asks For Death

The man assaulted a Secret Service agent, demanded to know where the President was, and eventually asked the arresting officers to kill him.

After an immigration rally, a United States Secret Service agent was assaulted and injured by a strange man who moved a barrier and demanded to know where the President was.

It seems that vitriol in the political world has reached all-time highs, never before seen, in the United States recently. From a shooter who attempted to kill Republicans preparing for a softball game, to the assault of a sitting U.S. Senator by his leftist neighbor, it seems that the environment in the United States, at least where politics is concerned, is more violent than ever.

Now, to add to the other violence, is the strange story of a man who, shortly after a major ‘immigration’ (by which they mean illegal immigration) rally in Lafayette Park, Washington D.C., injured a member of the United States Secret Service while making strange demands. This person, who it seems safe to assume attended the anti-ICE rally/’protest,’ actually asked the agents to “kill” him as they arrested him.

These people are asking to become slaves in a nation that has no law and order.

The U.S. Secret Service officer was on patrol shortly after the illegal immigration rally, when he encountered a man identified only as ‘Carmona’ in court records.

Carmona drove his BMW along Pennsylvania Avenue, then illegally parked it.

As he illegally parked his vehicle, agents from the Secret Service attempted to stop him.

After that, he moved a ‘bicycle rack-style’ security barrier, which had been built for the rally, and began screaming to the officers of the USSS.

Then he punched an officer in the jaw and the left eye, before two officers could take him to the ground and put leg shackles on him because, according to an affidavit, he was attempting to kick the officers.

He was yelling “where is the president?” according to an affidavit filled out by a member of the team that encountered the man.

Also according to the officers on the ground, one of their number suffered a possible concussion, as well as a knee injury.

In the end, officers placed him under arrest for assaulting a federal law enforcement officer.

While being placed under arrest, the officers said that Carmona was still yelling for the President, and that at one point, he said to the officers “just end it, just kill me.”

On Thursday morning, Carmona was ordered to undergo a forensic examination at the D.C. Superior Court.

According to the filling, the judge also ordered that he stay away from ‘Officer Young,’ assumedly the man who assaulted.

He was also told to stay away from the White House grounds, as well as several streets in the area.

At this point, there is no definitive information to connect Carmona to the illegal immigration rally that ended shortly before he arrived on the scene.

However, it seems extremely likely that, due to the timing, and the strange request he made, he was probably in the area in order to attend the rally.

The rally, called the “Families Belong Together rally,” involve speakers making emotional please demanding that the President of the United States should disobey the law and either not separate children from their parents after 20 days of detention (the legal limit for how long illegal immigrant children can be held in detention), or that there should be no detention of illegal immigrants at all.

Some attendees suggested that America simply shouldn’t secure its southern border, while others seemed to believe that if illegal immigrants were given summonses, they would show up for their court dates.

However, the topic is already extremely emotionally-charged for many people, and the mainstream media didn’t help by completely misrepresenting the entire issue.

Indeed, the image that kicked off the debate about ‘child separation and detention’ wasn’t a picture form Donald Trump’s presidency, but rather from the Barack Obama presidency.

The next ‘viral image’ used to push a ‘pro-illegal immigrant’ agenda in the United States was also false. It was an image of a small illegal immigrant child crying. The media suggested it showed a child separated from her mother.

In reality, the mother was just off-frame, being patted down by law enforcement.

Whether Carmona and his absurd actions, including assaulting a Secret Service agent, were due to the heightened rhetoric of the left, or just another madman’s rantings and ravings, is still up to interpretation.

Perhaps the biggest issue is the fact that, due to the volatile nature of the left’s statements, and the anger of their followers and supporters, it seems possible, if not likely, that such an absurd reaction would be due to said political stances and statements.

It’s time that the political world, and the left in general, de-escalate the rhetoric and turn down the tension a bit. People like Maxine Waters are not helping the situation, and they’re certainly not changing anyone’s minds, but what they propose and preach could easily turn violent.