PUBLISHED: 3:03 AM 23 Nov 2016

Secret Plan In Effect? Or Did Trump Really Mean What He Just Told The Media?


Wisdom means knowing more than you’re showing.

Most of Trump’s supporters are familiar with the expression, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” and yet many of them are acting like they’ve never heard it before.

And it’s driving me crazy.

What more do you want?

“Even after 18 months, people forget how strategic Trump is.” Keep this in mind!

Trump overcame all odds to ENTER the presidential race, after years of mockery and doubt from pundits and the media. If he had wanted, he could have spent the next 10-15 years of his natural life playing golf, flying around in his private jet, and generally just telling Obama’s America, “You’re fired, suckers!”

But he went against all conventional wisdom and ran. He ran. For us.

But that’s not all.

When he chose to run, Trump RISKED his entire fortune, and the SECURITY of his entire family, by opposing the Republican establishment. If he lost, he would be a luahgingstock, and would have lost all the business contracts that he’s already lost without any other gains.

As a failed conservative candidate, he would have little to no appeal on mainstream TV. And he would have also burned bridges in the free market, which is loaded with Republicans.

But that’s not all.

By running against The Clinton Machine, Trump raised the ire of all the Clinton Foundation’s foreign donors, the entire mainstream media, and every ally of the Clintons they had made over the past three or four decades. If he lost–as every “expert” and “professional journalist” assured us he would–the only thing more foolish he could have done at that point is to stay America.

Seriously, IMAGINE if Trump had lost to Hillary Clinton. Watch that movie play in your head, and at the end tell me it doesn’t end up as a horror.

Had he lost, he would have had the outraged and humiliated Clintons put every ounce of their residual pressure on Obama to induce him to put every ounce of his own residual power on the FBI, DOJ, CIA, IRS, etc., to dig up and expose every single possible speck of dirt, awkward photo, financial misstep, and political liability to bury the Trump name for a generation if not forever.


“The Key To Success Is Happiness Through Family”

For months, the media and his Democratic enemies have been pounding on the gates of Trump’s political castle, demanding that he “release his taxes!” But if you think about it, this is not because they REALLY suspected there was anything illegal or embarrassing in Trump’s taxes. After all, if even a single jot or tittle were out of place in Trump’s taxes, Obama’s IRS would have torn him to pieces before the end of summer 2015.

No, his enemies did not want Trump to release his tax records to “verify” his wealth or business acumen. Rather, they wanted him to swallow the poison, to accept the challenge–to conform to the rules of gang warfare in D.C. by being just as “flexible” as every other politician.

But, to his great credit, Trump has not taken the bait. He has not taken Harry Reid’s bait, and, thus, did not lie down into Mitt Romney’s shallow grave. He held fast. He challenged the rotten GOPe, and he won. He challenged the rotten MSM, and he won. And he took on the entire Democlinton Establishment–and he won!

“If great leadership were easy or obvious, there would be more great leaders.” Also keep this gem of wisdom in mind….

Yet, strangely, for his most puritanical supporters, none of these sacrifices and not a one of these marvels matter if Trump at any point offends their expectations on any supposed “platform promise.”

Dennis Michael Lynch summarizes the tempest in a teapot like so:

All major media outlets are reporting that Kelly Anne Conway, a trusted Trump senior advisor, stated President-elect Trump will not move forward with an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while serving as Sec. of State.

CNN is claiming the walk back by President-elect Trump is a campaign promise now broken.

So Trump said, out of the blue, in the middle of a heated debate, that he would send Hillary Clinton to jail. His heart was clearly in the right place. And yet now as soon as we catch wind of the idea that he might not string Hillary up on rope in the town square, Trump has supposedly betrayed us.

Nonsense! Trusting Trump despite the opposition of sixteen Republican challengers, the hatred of virtually the entire MSM, and nonstop attacks from the Clinton Machine, but then jumping ship when Trump mentions a single possible political compromise or restrategization? There is no better definition of idiocy than that.

So, let me close with a powerful antidote.

One of Trump’s most intelligent, positive, and consistent supporters in social media has been Bill Mitchell. And while some people accuse him of wearing rose-tinted glasses for all things Trump, at least Mitchell is not an idiot like I described just a moment ago.

So, here are some tweets from Mitchell which help clarify Trump’s “political logic” in–perhaps–declining a crusade against Hillary Clinton.

During the primaries, before Bill Clinton bought out met with Loretta Lynch and before James Comey dodged a bullet declined to suggest an indictment for Hillary, I heard this warning from friends who now are outraged at Trump’s apparent “broken promise.” The harder the GOP tries to prosecute Hillary, the more they look like misogynistic villains. Yet, now that Trump is completely skirting this accusation–and almost two months before he is inaugurated!–he is somehow a fool?


She looks like a walking dead and the Clinton Foundation is losing millions and millions of dollars in donations already. Trump has already hit her with the “five-finger dim mak touch of death,” even if she is still walking. Why should he waste any more energy on a zombie?


If Trump so much as verges on “suborning” the FBI or DOJ to be his political weapons of vengeance, the media will pivot from the “broken promise” card back to the “literally Hitler!” card.

Great leaders know how to delegate authority. Can we please give Trump at least that much credit?

In other words, Obama has no coherent basis to mention Hillary again, let alone pardon her. Now that his successor and opposing party has dropped every pretense of a “witch hunt,” Obama will only sully his legacy and Hillary’s reputation by issuing a preemptive pardon (and yes, he can do that).

Wisdom! Wisdom! Wisdom!

The harder he pushes now, the sooner Obama will pardon Hillary, thus ensuring her escape till death.


Yes! Conservatives need to stop making their identity revolve around snorting at the Democrats and instead make it all about supporting the American people. WE MUST LEARN FROM TRUMP!

This is just too funny!

Exactly. By “abstaining” from yet another ugly brawl, Trump is silently reinforcing the Constitutional balance of powers.

So let’s all take a breath, recall how far we’ve come in a year, and keep praying for MAGA.

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