Iran Accuses Enemies Of Lizard Spies

PUBLISHED: 6:56 PM 13 Feb 2018

Secret Agent Lizards, Iran Senior Military Official Makes Bizarre Accusation

They state that lizard’s skin attracts atomic waves.

Is this the new secret weapon of the West? Iran seems to think so.

We have seen it all, haven’t we? We have beheld the Russians using birds of prey to nab costly and intrusive drones out of the sky. The Pentagon, we have witnessed, is looking to see new drones and are willing to pay top dollar to have them designed. We have even seen the flying rat drone. Still, regardless of what we may think, as Iran tells it, we by no means have seen it all when it comes to spying.

The Times of Israel informs us that the “former chief-of-staff of Iran’s armed forces” said today that spies from the West have dispatched their uber-secret weapon to spy on Iran’s nuclear ambitions: the much dreaded, “atomic wave detecting,” lizards.

There are murmurings that governments in the West were developing bug drones to spy, but lizards? This is a new one. As it turns out, contrary to some reports, they are not machines. The West is now accused of using animals as spies, not contraptions.

Hassan Firuzabadi, who is the senior military adviser to supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, was replying to questions about the arrest of environmentalists which drew quite a bit of press. They may really be accused of setting loose spy lizards, at least in theory, which would certainly play strangely into the already cryptic practices of their radical Islamic government.

Firuzabadi would give no details but did say that “the West had often used tourists, scientists, and environmentalists to spy on Iran.” When we remember that the dishonest regime is building a nuclear power plant on an active fault that is ready to make a Fukushima in the Middle East, it can be understood why they are being spied on.

Also, since the radicalized leaders of that nation often openly condone cries from the masses calling for Israel’s death and the same for the U.S.A., not spying would be foolish. With all of that said, however….lizards to detect atomic waves?

Several years ago, some individuals came to Iran to collect aid for Palestine. We were suspicious of the route they chose,” said the former chief-of-staff whilst speaking to ILNA News. “In their possessions were a variety of reptile desert species like lizards, chameleons.”

Where some see poaching or animal abduction, Iran see’s googly-eyed nuclear spies. Fizuzabadi went on to say, “We found out that their skin attracts atomic waves and that they were nuclear spies who wanted to find out where inside the Islamic Republic of Iran we have uranium mines and where we are engaged in atomic activities.”

In all honesty, this could actually have happened. The odd fact is, the skin of these animals does absorb such toxins. Still, this could also just as easily be an excuse to harm those from the West, too. Acquiring these lizards though such complicated and costly means is not something that most governments would engage in. There are simply easier ways.

The Iranian does say something of great importance that the news media is missing. With regard to his last statement, he added that the West has “failed every time.” Failed at what? Detecting atomic waves or activity which they want hidden? This means that Iran just admitted that they are hiding secrets from inspectors!

This goes against everything that they promised the former Secretary of State John Kerry, President Obama, and the world. There shouldn’t be anything for the lizards to detect if Iran was honoring their deal.

That is the major takeaway from this, and sadly, even the White House has not jumped on it. Hopefully, more prudent minds will soon take notice.

Sources: The Conservative Daily Post – The Times of Israel