PUBLISHED: 5:13 PM 4 Oct 2016

Seconds Before The Devastating Blow, Entire North American Net Goes Offline


Internet Outages Appeared In Critical Swing States

When this country was founded, each of the Founding Fathers wanted to give their citizens a certain amount of freedoms. These freedoms are listed in the Constitution. They include Freedom of Speech, religion, press, assembly, petition, and so on, but the bottom line was that they couldn’t be taken away.

However, during President Obama’s two terms, Americans have seen a lot of their rights and freedoms threatened. The freedom to own a weapon has been challenged by the Democrats numerous times! Arguably the most important freedom is freedom of speech.

We have the ability to say what we what, when we want, where we want, and how we want, barring a few understandable exceptions. This includes speech on the Internet. However thanks to President Obama’s handover of the Internet to the United Nations and ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), those freedoms are being challenged.


Obama Handed Over Internet Control To The United Nations

ICANN is an Internet database that was once controlled by the United States government. However President Obama handed it over to the United Nations three days ago. What that means is that the United Nations, and not the United States government, is now determining your freedom of speech.

How could this happen? Well, this is all part of President Obama’s globalist agenda. He wants to see the entire world ruled by one person. They may say that it is for the good of the world, but in reality it seems like a dictatorship. And we have seen what happens to dictatorships.

All of their freedoms are taken away. They can’t speak what they want, they are told when to do something and if they don’t do what was asked then they are at risk for being thrown in jail. Again, when the founding fathers created this country, they wanted to make sure that everyone had the right to say what they want.

And now thanks to Obama, those rights are being threatened because we are going to have people from outside the United States telling us what we can say online. Not every country has the same freedom of speech rights that the United States does. So we are going to be told what we can say or can’t say by a foreign power. And it’s already started.

Julian Assange was supposed to drop some information on Hillary Clinton earlier this morning. Well unfortunately he didn’t. However what is interesting to note is that none of the media stations were covering this announcement, but there were Internet streams covering it.

Assange Has Already Proved So Much, Imagine What Is Coming Next

Assange Was Rumored To Drop Something Huge, But The Media Didn’t Cover It

So people all over the United States decided to either stay up all night or wake up before the announcement. The announcement was supposed to happen at 4:00 a.m. Eastern time. They fired up their computers and were hoping to see some of the newest revelations against Clinton.

That is when their Internet suddenly went out. Both Comcast and Time Warner Cable suddenly had Internet outages. And these weren’t centered in one place either. They were across the country. People in California all the way to Massachusetts suddenly had interruptions. But they were mostly centered in the swing states that could decide this election.


This Was The Outage Map For Time Warner Cable Users


This Was The Comcast Outage Map

Now this could just be a coincidence; but it wasn’t. Just after Assange stated that he wasn’t going to drop anything new, all of the outages suddenly cleared up. He made the announcement at 5:13 a.m. EST, and literally two minutes later all of the outages were gone.

We’ve all experienced an Internet outage before and they don’t just clear up in two minutes. Especially right after someone who could end a president’s career suddenly says that he wasn’t going to be releasing anything. That is almost too coincidental.


Surprisingly It All Cleared Up After Two Minutes

So within three days of Obama handing over ICANN to the United Nations, we have already seen the effects of their censorship. This is just another step to globalization. And that is bad news for people like Assange and other hackers who just want to show the people what the government is doing.

Think about it. None of the mainstream media was covering this event. So how are people going to get their news? Well they are either going to turn to social media or they are going to find a way to stream it. Well if the Internet suddenly goes out like it did for this event, then people are going to be left in the dark. They will have to rely on others to tell them what happened.

And we all know that the liberal media is going to spin it so that it doesn’t affect Clinton in any negative way. This also means that people like Assange are not going to be able to help out the people of this nation because the Internet providers are going to just create an outage.

Assange Has Stepped In And Added Fuel To The Fire

Assange Won’t Be Able To Spread His Message

So if the mainstream media isn’t going to report on it and the Internet is going to suddenly cut every time there is an important event, that means that we are not going to see anymore government corruption. That means people like Clinton and President Obama can do what they want and nothing is going to be done.

This means that this election is even more crucial than ever before. We’re not only deciding who is going to lead the country; we are also deciding whether we can truly call ourselves Americans.

Share this article to show that Obama’s Internet handover has already had dire consequences. People tuning into the Assange conference suddenly had an Internet outage. But it mysteriously returned just a couple minutes after he said nothing would be dropped today.

If Clinton were to get elected then we can expect to see more takeovers like this. She wants to implement more of the globalist agenda that we have seen under Obama. However if we elect Donald Trump then we can continue to call ourselves Americans. If you don’t want to be part of a globalist country, then vote for Trump. Or else censorship will rule your life.