2nd Dossier Exists In FBI Hands

PUBLISHED: 5:52 PM 13 Mar 2018
UPDATED: 8:56 PM 15 Mar 2018

Second Unconfirmed Memo On Trump Was Given To FBI

It is unclear if this info was used in order to obtain warrants as well.

The Clinton machine produced a second unverified Russian dossier.

Christopher Steele, a former British spy, gave the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) a second dossier. A second Russian report was created by a political hitman and Clinton associate.

The second unconfirmed paper, referred to as the Shearer memo, is an intelligence report concerning President Trump. Compiled by a Clinton hatchet man, Cody Shearer gave the former MI6 agent the profile in October 2016.

Steele admits the information in the new dossier cannot be verified. Like the original, the second report makes salacious allegations and corroborates some of the details in the Russian dossier. Steele passed the second account to the FBI because it helped to add credibility to his unverified report.

Hired by the DNC to investigate candidate trump, Fusion GPS contracted Steele to conduct opposition research. Steele passed his original dossier to the FBI in July of 2016. The former foreign spy was then enlisted to continue providing research to the clandestine agency.

Recent reports have indicated the Steele dossier became the evidence used by the Department of Justice to spy on American citizens. The Justice Department colluded with a political campaign to decide the outcome of a presidential election.

With a warrant to spy on Russians, the Obama administration wiretapped a campaign advisor. Working on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, Carter Page had the communications of him and his associates monitored.

The Steele dossier was not only used to spy on a political opponent, but top officials at the FBI referred to it as an insurance policy. It is not clear if the Shearer memo was part of obtaining the surveillance warrants.

Sources report the Shearer memo is still being looked into at the FBI. Attempting to verify the allegations within the document the federal agents are still investigating the report five months later.

The dossier asserts the president has been compromised since 2013 when he hired Russian prostitutes while in Moscow. The original dossier claimed Moscow had footage being used to blackmail the president.

The fact the two individual reports share similar details is no surprise when looking at the source. Cody Shearer has a close and long history with the Clinton family. Referred to as the hatchet man, Shearer worked with Bill Clinton to research the women accusing him of sexual deviances.

Not the most sophisticated of agents, Shearer has been investigated by the inspector general of the State Department in the 90’s. Impersonating a federal agent, Shearer tried to build a relationship with a Bosnian warlord accused of genocide.

A fan of civil atrocities, Shearer had a business project aimed at profiting off the reconstruction of Libya following the removal of Muammar Gaddafi. Partnered with longtime Clinton aide and Clinton Foundation employee, Sidney Blumenthal worked on profiting off the country after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton removed the westernized leader.

Emails released by Wikileaks and verified by Gmail, show Blumenthal convincing the secretary to remove the leader of Libya leading up the famous, “We Came, we saw, he died” gaffe made by Hillary Clinton.

Rumors have circulated of Shearer working on a new anti-Trump project since 2016.  Although he denies any claims of creating fake news, Shearer was named by the Senate Intelligence Committee.

In a letter sent to the Clinton Campaign officials and Democratic National Committee leaders last week, Senators Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) asked for information concerning any contact between Shearer and Blumenthal during the time of the campaign.

Along with the requests for further information, the Senators also sent a referral to the Justice Department. Suggesting a criminal indictment be brought against Steele, the congressmen believe Steele has intentionally misled federal agents obstructing in a federal investigation.

Steele lied to the FBI when questioned about communications he made with the media during the 2016 campaign. Reporters at the Guardian received emails claiming to have information that corroborated the Russian prostitute story.

Information continues to swell to the surface about the extent Hillary Clinton was willing to go to win the election. From rigging primaries to creating a Russian hoax, the Clinton campaign used the mainstream media to hide their crimes.

Obama and his administration were treated like puppets in the drive to enact her agenda. The Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigations betrayed the country and the people they were sworn to protect.

The new FISA memo waiting to be released to the public will shine a light on the nefarious actions of the democratic party and previous administration.