FBI And DOJ Will Be Investigated

PUBLISHED: 12:41 AM 6 Feb 2018

Second Special Counsel Approved By Trump Attorneys, Yes Confirmed For FBI And DOJ

Many believe it is about time the other side gets investigated.

Trump supports a second special counsel.

The ongoing feud between the White House and Republicans against deep state actors at the FBI and Justice Department may be turning nuclear.

On Monday, White House deputy press secretary Raj Shah told reporters aboard Air Force One that Trump’s lawyers have approved the idea of a second special counsel to investigate the numerous cases of corruption seething at the FBI and DOJ.

The White House wants a second prosecutor to investigate abuse of power and corruption that occurred during the 2016 presidential election to clearly prevent Trump from defeating former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Shah said the White House would also approve of additional memos being released to the public detailing exposing top officials who acted corruptly.

He said new memos would be subject to “a legal review, national security review led by the White House Counsel’s Office, and then within five days the president will make a decision about declassifying it.”

Shah’s comments were in response to the recently released GOP memo, which revealed a handful of top DOJ and FBI officials used their positions of power to use the dossier from former British spy Christopher Steele to trigger the Russia investigation against Trump.

The memo detailed how deep state actors and the Federal Bureau of Investigation took Steele’s dossier, which was given upwards of $10 million by Democratic National Committee and failed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, to secure a warrant from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to spy on Cater Page, a volunteer who briefly served on Trump’s 2016 campaign.

It also indicated that the FISA warrant wouldn’t have been obtained had the dossier not be presented to the judge, meaning the Clinton funded hit piece triggered the entire Russia investigation against Trump.

Many Americans would agree with Trump that a second special prosecutor should be appointed to investigate serious, credible allegations of abuse of power and corruption to upend Trump’s campaign and presidency.

As GOP lawmakers crank up the heat to expose corruption, many would support President Trump‘s new efforts to have a second special counsel appointed.

It’s time to fight back, and Trump appears to be gearing up to do just that.

Source: Zero Hedge