PUBLISHED: 2:31 PM 14 Sep 2017
UPDATED: 8:21 PM 14 Sep 2017

Second Amendment Enthusiasts Cheer As Gun Act Passes First Hurdle, Goes To Final Vote

Representative Jeff Duncan is looking to help sportsmen and gun owners with the SHARE Act.

Representative Jeff Duncan is looking to help sportsmen and gun owners with the SHARE Act.

Representative Jeff Duncan is looking to help sportsmen and gun owners with the SHARE Act.

A big win for gun advocates quietly happened in the House of Representatives yesterday. The SHARE Act was passed by the Committee on Natural Resources and will now be headed to the floor for a full vote.

Representative Jeff Duncan, a Republican from South Carolina introduced the SHARE Act. He says that sportsmen are vital to the conservation movement and need more freedom;

“Sportsmen are the foundation of the conservation movement in the United States, yet some radical organizations seek to limit access to this pastime by restricting the Second Amendment, as well as land and game management. It’s time to reform how we treat these lands in Congress.”

The bill will not only help hunters but gun owners as well in a number of ways;

  • Silencer deregulation – Would remove registration and fee requirements. Silencers could be purchased through licensed gun dealers with a normal background check.
  • Protections for interstate transport of firearms.
  • Protections on the importation of firearms and ammunition.
  • Protect certain guns and ammunition from being reclassified as illegal.
  • Increased access to federal public lands for hunting and fishing.

Naturally, gun-control groups are angry. Moms Demand Action portrayed to the bill as Donald Trump Jr. and the National Rifle Association (NRA) trying to boost profits for manufacturers;

“A dangerous gun silencers bill just passed the House Natural Resources Committee and is moving FAST in Congress. Donald Trump Jr. and the NRA are working behind closed doors to make it easy for felons and domestic abusers to buy gun silencers. And they’re doing it to boost lagging gun sales—putting gun industry profits ahead of people.”

There has been much debate over the silencer issue. Advocates believe it will help hunters while opponents think it will aid criminals and hinder law enforcement. However, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives revealed numbers that support the proponents. 1.3 million silencers are registered. In the past decade, only 44 silencer-related crimes have been recommended for prosecution. That is a rate of approximately .003% of registered silencer being used in crimes. Once again, legal gun owners are not the problem here.

Representative Duncan would like to see the bill come to a full vote sooner rather than later;

“I believe this bill is a great start to build on in the future. I encourage House leadership to bring this critical legislation to the floor for a vote on the House Floor.”

Source: The Washington Free Beacon