Pro-Gun College Photos

PUBLISHED: 9:30 PM 10 Apr 2018
UPDATED: 6:22 PM 1 Jun 2018

Second Amendment Advocating Student Criticized For Gun Photos

One liberal tried to have her arrested.

A conservative college grad is being criticized for displaying a carry gun in her college graduation photos.

According to the left, anyone with an opinion regarding guns must advocate for further legislation and bans while supporters of the second amendment must be silenced in order to protect America’s youth.

Examples of such double standards can be clearly seen in recent demonstrations and expressions of opinions. This was the case in Tennessee when a college senior revealed a carry gun on her person in her graduation pictures. As expected, she has received an alarming amount of backlash, including from one liberal woman who tried to have her arrested over the photos.

Brenna Spencer revealed on social media that she is a proud supporter of the second amendment. In her senior photos preparing for graduation from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Spencer sported a bright pink shirt with the phrase ‘Women For Trump’ on it.

In one photo, her shirt drapes over her shorts, however, in another, Spencer lifts her shirt several inches to expose a pistol which she is carrying in her waistband.

The 22-year-old posted the photos to her social media accounts with the caption ‘I don’t take normal college graduation photos…’ for which she received “a surprising amount of hate.”

However, Spencer defends that she was within her constitutional right to carry a gun wherever it is legal to do so.

“I know the Tennessee state gun codes…I carry everywhere that I’m allowed to carry,” she noted.

Leftists were obviously upset about the post, some calling her ‘reckless.’

One gun control advocate, Victoria Silva, went as far as calling the police complaining of the photo and its supposed ‘danger,’ claiming that Spencer was carrying a gun in a proclaimed gun-free zone.

However, while Spencer posed for the picture outside of the Hunter Museum of American Art which does have a firearms ban in place, there is no rule preventing anyone from being armed outside of it.

Some conservatives even weighed in on the photo, assuring that Spencer was carrying the gun safely.

One Twitter user, @AnythingButLeft, said “Good job supporting [the] second amendment, but you should have a proper holster that holds the weapon securely and fully protects the trigger guard.”

However, Spencer appears to be implementing safe firearm practices, as she replied to the comment saying, “I do! I have a belly band on it’s just not seen in the photo.”

She continued that “she owns several guns,” implying that she perhaps has an adequate grasp on handling guns.

Additionally, Spencer works for the conservative organization, Turning Point, so conservatives can be ensured that she is on their side.

However, even if she were independent or liberal, it is Spencer’s right to carry a gun wherever legal and where she determines appropriate. While it is a second amendment right, liberals are apparently in fear whenever they learn that one someone is carrying, proving to be yet another reason why concealed carry is much safer than open carry.

It should be noted, however, that by posting a picture of an otherwise concealed gun and speaking about her right to do so, Spencer is now essentially open carrying, as her social media posts went immediately viral.

Still, that is arguably a much safer situation than the ones liberals put themselves in when they assure all who will listen that they are anti-gun.

Spencer noted after the photos went viral that she did not expect them to circulate to the extent that they did. She argues that the post was meant to “show who I am as a person” and did not intend to offend gun control advocates.

Admittedly, the viral posts are helpful for women advocating for President Trump. In the past several months, the president’s “support among women had continued to decline in the midst of allegations of his affairs with porn star Stormy Daniels.”

Of course, the left predictably used Spencer’s gender to cry that she cannot be for any women’s rights philosophies if she supports President Trump, once again claiming sexual assault allegations.

“Do you agree with his actions?” one liberal asked, horrifically claiming that perhaps Spencer would not be a Trump supporter if she had been sexually assaulted herself.

However, Spencer was quick to respond that she hopes she can inspire other women to exercise their second amendment rights to become empowered and protect themselves and their friends and family.

Supportive conservatives agreed that a woman carrying a gun is one of the strongest feminist moves one can take, as it ensures that she will not be the next victim of sexual assault.

Others applauded Spencer for her boldness, temporarily comforted by the fact that there still are some second amendment advocating youth and Trump-supporting women in the nation.