Amazon Collusion

PUBLISHED: 6:28 PM 12 Jun 2018

Seattle Reverses Course On Business Tax After Pressure From Amazon

Weeks after passing a new business tax, Seattle political leaders are reversing course after pressure from Amazon.

Amazon pressured Seattle to end business tax.

Less than a month after announcing a ‘head’ tax on businesses, Seattle lawmakers are reversing course. A new report from The Hill reveals that the liberal lawmakers are repealing the business-killing tax after pressure from Amazon.

After coming under fire for imposing a tax that would have harmed all businesses in the city, now feckless lawmakers are caving to pressure from a grotesquely bloated billionaire. Liberals are again proving they don’t have a basic understanding of facts or reality, and are now giving even more power to a company that controls a major chunk of the world.

Mayor Jenny Durkan and city council President Bruce Harrell issued a joint statement saying they would end the tax, which they initially claimed was aimed at combating the historic homelessness in a city where housing prices have soared and residents are leaving at a historic pace.

Rather than look to their own leftist ideology, which creates vast differences between the wealthy ruling class and the ‘serfs,’ they thought that doing more of the same would help fix the mess. They refuse to understand that free capitalism is the only way to level the playing field, because they don’t want it leveled.

However, business groups, led by powerhouses like Amazon and Starbucks, raised more than $200,000 in less than a month to gather signatures for an effort to challenge the new tax. The group planned to submit those signatures in an effort to have the referendum placed on the ballot for the November elections.

Of course, now that’s not necessary. Liberal lawmakers are changing their tune after the massive efforts from Amazon and Starbucks.

While many rightfully have major concerns with a company wielding so much power that it can influence politics and policy, the tax would have killed many businesses and harmed taxpayers.

Amazon, who employs roughly 45,000 people in Seattle, was vehemently against the tax.

The massive company — who has numerous contracts with the federal government, owns The Washington Post, and works with the intelligence community — threatened to remove all of its projects from the city unless the tax was killed.

Many are arguing that Amazon big wigs may have broken the law by flexing their political muscles and forcing the city to submit to their will. Of course, the tax would have been a catastrophe, but a company having so much power over lawmakers is troublesome.

A study from the Chamber of Commerce found that the proposed tax would have cost the city more than $20 million in revenue annually. The 585 businesses that qualified for the tax would have been hit with a $275-per-employee tax so the city could pay for housing and programs in the area.

Seattle lawmakers wanted to penalize businesses and hard-working American families to pay for homes, programs, and resources for homeless people. Imposing higher taxes to pay for other projects stifles growth, drives down wages, and results in job losses — but of course liberals have no idea about basic economics.

The Chamber of Commerce also found that the business-killing tax would have cost roughly 14,3000 jobs and more than $3.5 billion in economic output.

The tax was utterly horrendous, but Amazon having so much power and influence over lawmakers and governments is exactly why Americans support breaking up the company and the monopoly it has created across the globe.