Obamacare To SCOTUS

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 3 Mar 2020
UPDATED: 6:03 PM 3 Mar 2020

SCOTUS Takes On Obamacare In Case That Could ‘Invalidate’ Entire Law

Obamacare’s provisions have long been disputed as unconstitutional, essentially forcing people to buy a private product, but the argument is finally going to the Supreme Court.

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Yesterday, the Supreme Court agreed to take a case challenging the constitutionality of Obamacare, but turned down a democrat request to speed up the process to coincide with their political schemes.

The justices said they would hear the arguments later this year, putting the entire (and many people argue, socialized medicine) law in jeopardy.

The Supreme Court could potentially invalidate the entire law.

Politico reported:

The suit, brought by more than a dozen red states, emerged as a threat to Obamacare in December, when a panel of federal appeals court judges found the law unconstitutional.

Instead of ruling on the entire law, the appellate panel sent the challenge back to a federal judge in Texas who previously invalidated the entire law, jolting Democrats who feared the move would extend the legal fight over Obamacare for years.

Democratic state attorneys general and the Democratic-led House of Representatives, who are defending the law in court, quickly asked the Supreme Court to intercept the case. The Trump administration, which supports the Texas-led lawsuit, and the states challenging Obamacare urged the justices against intervening right away.

This legal challenge brought by a coalition of red states in early 2018, after Congress eliminated Obamacare’s tax penalty for not having health insurance while leaving the rest of the individual mandate in law.

The states argued that made the rest of Obamacare unconstitutional, since the Supreme Court previously upheld the mandate on the basis of Congress’ taxing power.

“The federal government cannot order private citizens to purchase subpar insurance that they don’t want, and I look forward to finally settling the matter before the U.S. Supreme Court,” said Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

The decision will come down to Roberts, many people argue, who often sides with liberals to the detriment of the constitution.