SCOTUS Slams NY Judge

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 23 Oct 2018
UPDATED: 5:27 PM 23 Oct 2018

SCOTUS Rules On Federal Court ‘Inquisition’ In Case Against Trump Cabinet

The Supreme Court smacked down the liberal judge, citing the fact that just because they don’t like something, doesn’t mean they can order an ‘inquisition.’

Wilbur Ross will not have to testify after the Supreme Court ruled an Obama appointed judge's decision was more like an 'inquisition.'

In a new ruling, the Supreme Court smacked down a New York federal court that ruled Wilbur Ross, a member of President Trump’s cabinet, had to testify about his ‘truthfulness’ concerning a move involving the U.S. Census.

In fact, the ruling comes after liberal Justice Ginsburg said that the case could go forward, but Gorsuch called the entire case an ‘inquisition.’

Many people agree that this isn’t the first inquisition conducted by democrats.

U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman claimed he based his ruling, which ordered Ross to submit a deposition about how the decision to add the citizenship question on the next U.S. Census was determined.

The Obama-appointed judge claimed that Ross was less than truthful when the decision to add the citizenship question was announced.

Furman also claimed there were ‘doubts’ that Ross considered adding the citizenship question after a request to do so last December from the Justice Department.

However, the Supreme Court slammed that apparently biased decision.

“There’s nothing unusual about a new cabinet secretary coming to office inclined to favor a different policy direction, soliciting support from other agencies to bolster his views, disagreeing with staff or cutting through red tape,” Justice Gorsuch wrote.

“Of course, some people may disagree with the policy and process. But until now, at least, this much has never been thought enough to justify a claim of bad faith and launch an inquisition into a cabinet secretary’s motives,” he added.

The Trump administration argued that Ross’ reasoning and/or motives were irrelevant, the New York Times reported, regarding the case that was brought by a number of left-leaning states, which are fighting the census change in court.

Democrat states stand to lose federal taxpayer money if citizenship is factored into the census.

The Obama administration stopped the practice of asking for citizenship status, which has been on the census since 1850 (by some reports), in what many people think was an attempt to bleed Americans dry with outrageous federal spending. Others argue that it was present on the long form from 1970 to 2000.

So, because of the SCOTUS ruling, a member of President Trump’s cabinet will not be required to give a deposition in the case, despite Ginsburg’s original opinion.

Many people argue that this will be the end of it. However, it seems fairly certain that the never-ending stream of litigation brought against the current administration will not cease… regardless how frivolous.