Radioactive Substance Found In Alaska

PUBLISHED: 8:38 PM 15 Feb 2018

Scientists Find Radioactive Substance In Alaska, Used In Nuclear Fuel And Bombs

They believe it originated somewhere in Asia.

These deadly particles are telling us that something very dangerous is likely being planned.

While the science behind nuclear physics is as complicated as anything that man has ever attempted, some facts are simple to explain. For instance, some nuclear “bits” (to choose an easy-to-understand word) last for billions of years and some only for a short period of time. Also, some of these “bits” are only produced as a side product of nuclear bomb testing. With this understood, today’s news is nothing short of terrifying.

Sputnik News informs us that scientists “from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have discovered what they claim is an atmospheric aerosol particle-enriched with the uranium.” This is what would be present if a nuclear bomb had been tested.

As our bit analogy has taught us, scientists can tell what particles came from where and this rules out the ongoing Fukushima nightmare in Japan as the culprit.

NOAA says that they have found a “highly unusual aerosol particle containing a very small amount of enriched uranium” was monitored “at an altitude of seven kilometers above Alaska’s Aleutian Islands,” according to the Journal of Environmental Radioactivity.

It is hard to admit that we have some kind of radioactive cloud, no matter how “benign” (which they never are), over a U.S. state and this is not front page news on every paper in the country!

The scientists even have stressed that “the enriched uranium-235 was spotted” have not been seen in 25-years. This very toxic particle is “specifically used for making nuclear fuel and bombs,” they also confirm. Due to these facts, past bomb testing(s) and Chernobyl can also be ruled out as culprits.

Analysis of wind trajectories and particle dispersion model results show that the particle could have originated from a variety of areas across Asia,” the study says. This draws attention towards the nations of China, Japan, and North Korea.

Those conducting the research warn that this is “definitely not from a natural source,” which leaves only one other option.

One of the main motivations of this paper is to see if somebody who knows more about uranium than any of us would understand the source of the particle,” stated NOAA’s Dan Murphy, reports Gizmodo.

He added, “it’s not a significant amount of radioactive debris by itself.”

While that is certainly not true with such a toxic substance, a fact confirmed by Dr. Helen Caldicott and others, let us pretend that it is. How does that make us feel any better?

Some nation is toying with many of the most deadly weapons imaginable and the fallout from it is landing on a U.S. state. That used to mean something.

What is the nation, whoever they are, preparing for? This environmental radioactivity did not come from out of the blue for purposes that were unclear to those who caused it, that is for certain.

Also, if this is North Korea’s doing, there would be almost no shock in this news since we know when they test. The Hermit Kingdom doesn’t have a lot of money to hide things very well, but China does. If this source is from the Chinese, that opens up a different mess on the world stage. This worry doubles when it is remembered how close they are to the D.P.R.K.

These facts are so scary that it seems that the MSM would rather talk about how guns people (not people with guns, mind you) or what the latest Kardashian is doing than actually reporting the news. These particles point to a real threat, something that could hint at war preparations which could rain fire down on U.S. cities, and it is buried on page D4 near the comics.

If this is where our priorities are, we are as good as nuked.

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