PUBLISHED: 6:07 PM 4 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 8:08 PM 4 Jan 2018

Science Fiction Reality: Tech Giant Spells Doom For Billions Of Workers

LG and their leaders are promising huge things in terms of robotics and their future in our world.

LG and their leaders are promising huge things in terms of robotics and their future in our world.

Robots. They won’t be halted from taking jobs away from workers any more than cell phones were stopped as their popularity put countless pager makers out of business overnight. Robots will be used for sex, as Teddy Stick has shown, and they are taking over the workplace as well as the bedroom, on that we can be assured.

CNBC is reporting that LG Electronics, a massive South Korean tech company, “on Thursday announced new robots that take aim squarely at the jobs of many services industry workers around the globe.” We have heard for a long time that workers wanting $15 an hour minimum were to blame for this, but that is not quite the honest truth. These robots were being planned long before such demands (as blueprints and patents reveal easily), though the $15 push did not help any.

South Korea has not seen quite the outrage over pay (or lack thereof) that the U.S. has, yet the outcome is the same; robots taking over the workforce.

It remains to be seen if most patrons will want to waited on by a machine that looks like a coffee pot.

The South Korean company plans to unveil “concept robots” at CES in Las Vegas, a powerful “global consumer electronics show.” These new chunks of metal will be shown with plans to employ them in “hotels, airports, and supermarkets.

The only comfort that anyone working in such fields may glean is that, according to the company, such robots are “a long way from ready to go public.” When one acknowledges how rapidly breakthroughs happen, this statement offers little to no comfort.

There is a server bot, one designed to bring drinks to people at airports and like settings. It will replace wait staff in droves and it never needs a break. From a business standpoint, their boon is easy to see.

Is this the future of airport assistance?

Porter robots will handle “check in and check out” duties and they are also to be talked about at CES. These machines can even carry luggage and expect no tip for doing so.

The third class of contraptions will work in supermarkets telling shoppers “the price of products and then guiding them through the aisles.” Most people currently detest self-checkout lines, so it remains to be seen how this will work in such an environment.

Many workers to be displaced by machines have no other alternatives in life. This could be a huge problem in the future.

So what shall become of the honest though unskilled worker? What will happen to the second jobs or the retirement jobs of many? We know that 50% of the workforce makes their living in the service industry, so this is a huge question.

Some have suggested that the government should simply pay everyone a “living wage,” which would be possible if the U.S. (and most of the West and Asia) was not simply held up by fiat currency based on nothing. Since we are, most nations are already bankrupted, so this solution won’t work long term at all.

Progress is needed and these business owners cannot be condemned for trying to cut costs. However, if something is not done to ensure that the boat rises for all of us and does not leave most of the workforce drowning, the unrest will be something that costs far more than the money saved by hiring a few robots instead of actual people.

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