PUBLISHED: 8:17 PM 10 Jan 2018

Schumer Blasts “Empty Symbol,” Spews Rehashed Falsehoods As Means Of Cooperation

Chuck Schumer finds our border to be adequately secure.

Senator Chuck Schumer finds our border to be adequately secure.

Senator Chuck Schumer says Trump demands for a “medieval wall” will “cannibalize” funding for more effective border security measures and be an “empty symbol” for keeping illegals out. Senator Schumer obviously believes our border is secure and that the measures that have been in place for years are doing an adequate, nay, better job than a wall would do. Schumer says a border wall will be ineffective and criminal foreign nationals will scale the wall or tunnel beneath it.

The same argument could be had for criminal illegal aliens who penetrate every form of border security we currently employ. The premise of Chuck Schumer’s argument when applied to his own contentions, goes something like this, criminals will find a way around border security measures so the United States should not spend the money on any measure unless 100% effective.

President Trump made building a border wall a cornerstone of his campaign. President Trump promised the American people that he would get it done, and that is why they voted for him. Schumer has been in politics for a number of years and has not done anything to stop the flood of foreign national criminals from pouring over our southern border.

Chuck Schumer would prefer we didn’t remove the 30 million criminal foreign nationals occupying our country. Schumer places the needs of these invaders before the needs of the people they have aggressed against. No one elected Chuck Schumer to sit behind the big desk in the oval office. The border protection policies he is advocating for do not work and have proven to be a massive failure.

Criminal foreign nationals have no right to be in this country and should not be rewarded for their illegal invasion and subsequent occupation. The illegal aliens in our country have proven themselves to be conceited and self-entitled criminals with no regard for others. They have trampled on the millions who have waited for years to enter this country legally.

Chuck Schumer is an embarrassment and a political failure bought by wall street. His motives are sinister and his inaction inhumane. Schumer is contributing to the downward spiral this country is in. Keeping these foreign nationals out of our country would serve the people in this nation well. Schumer is well off and his job has not faced the massive wage suppression brought onto the middle class because of the flood of foreign labor.

Chuck Schumer can afford to live in an affluent community where homes are on average over $1.3 million and are far away from the hordes of foreign nationals he allows to be unleashed on the working class. He can escape the crime wave and the destruction of middle-class neighborhoods. Schumer is not concerned with our schools being crushed under the burden of this illegal influx, and if he had young children you bet they wouldn’t go to a school dominated by foreign nationals.

The wall is a key security measure that will serve to keep these people from tearing apart our country. If Schumer is concerned about payment for the wall he could take action and repeal the North American Free Trade Agreement. Mexico is unsustainable without United States funds. With our money, it is still a third world country that people are fleeing en masse. The wall would also serve to crush their booming drug industry that is maintained almost entirely on the American market.

The wall is as necessary as ending chain migration, ending the visa lottery, ending refugee resettlement programs, cutting legal visas by 99%, and cutting all immigration by at least 99%. The path the country is currently on is unsustainable if we wish to remain a first world nation. Statistics show the types of foreign nationals we are being bombarded with consume far more welfare than what they will ever contribute. They are literally robbing the country of a future while Chuck Schumer virtue signals because he is too cowardly to speak up.

Schumer has done nothing to serve this country and his policies are destructive. His argument that a wall will not keep all criminal foreign invaders out could be used against any of the border security measures he has proposed. The wall would significantly reduce the number of foreign nationals entering the country illegally and also send a clear message that we are a sovereign nation.