Schools Ditch Clocks

PUBLISHED: 8:06 AM 5 May 2018
UPDATED: 5:51 PM 5 May 2018

Schools Remove Analog Clocks As No One Can Read Them

High school students and grade schoolers can’t read the time device and must have digital replacements.

Big Ben has hands that many students can not read, even though it is a defining image of their nation.

It is known that schools are failing. “No Child Left Behind” was awful and “Common Core” was “awfuller….” as students from that failed system may incorrectly type. Kids can not even be taught to cross the street and traffic stops in both directions for every school bus. Now, things have gotten so bad in the West that schools cannot even teach children to read an analog clock, as AJC confirmed today.

The Telegraph has reported that schools in England are removing the clocks because students are “complaining that they can’t read them.” Are they going to remove English books if the children can’t read? Perhaps pencils if children cannot write, too? It seems the folly has reached such a level of accepted ignorance that digital clocks are being put in, so pupils can know what time it is. This from a nation known for Big Ben.

In the event of a mass power outage (caused by war, human error, etc), a solar flare, or an EMP blast, most of those attending school since the advent of the internet will have no idea how to live. While this sounds merely like a generational discussion, it is not. There is no “analog” education happening at all in many schools and this could have a drastic effect on the world.

The current generation aren’t as good at reading the traditional clock face as older generations,” admitted Malcolm Trobe, deputy general secretary for the Association of School and College Leaders in the U.K.  “Nearly everything they’ve got is digital so youngsters are just exposed to time being given digitally everywhere.

Will Big Ben get a new digital face plate?

A newspaper for teachers called “the Times Educational Supplement” has discovered that many students even in high school couldn’t tell time on a standard clock. If the time is not spelled out for them, they were utterly lost.

It is amazing the number of students I am coming across in year 10, 11 and in sixth form who do not know how to tell the time,” the educator said. “We live in a world where everything is digital. We are moving towards a digital age and they do not necessarily have analogue watches anymore and they have mobile phones with the time on.”

An instructor named Mrs. Keenan tweeted that digital clocks have been put on all of the walls that once sported regular time devices.

Another teacher, Nicola Towle, wrote, “Our school has replaced the analogue clock with a digital one in the hall for exams because pupils couldn’t use it to tell the time.”

While many in the U.S. may be quick to scoff at those in England, they shouldn’t. “A 2017 survey in Oklahoma City found that only 1-in-10 children in the city between the ages of 6-12 owned a watch,” according to KFOR News. Only one out of five students knew how to read the watch, it was also noted.

I think the exposure to technology, everyone’s so used to seeing digital,” opined Caitlin Carnes, of the Boys & Girls Club at Santa Fe South Elementary,They all have cell phones and tablets so they don’t have to look at a clock very often that’s analog.” This argument is not a justification for the error of not teaching the skill, however. A student may not have to change a tire very often, but is it not vital that they learn to do it?

Jimmy Kimmel even poked fun at those who could not even tell time in a standard fashion recently, yet it is hardly a laughing matter. The internet of things is great, until it’s not. When it comes to getting things done and finding information rapidly, the internet is a boon.

However, if technology destroys intellect, how will mankind survive?