School Reversal

PUBLISHED: 6:25 PM 27 Aug 2018
UPDATED: 9:30 PM 27 Aug 2018

School Replaces Pledge With Globalist Oath, Parents Fight Back

After the school decided that the school would stop using the Pledge of Allegiance, parents expressed their anger, and it seems that their complaints were heard by the administration.

A school decided to replace the Pledge of Allegiance with a globalist oath, and they did not foresee the response.

For many schoolchildren in the last few decades, saying the Pledge of Allegiance was a common thing, something done every morning. Students would face the American flag, put their hands over their heart, and recite the pledge to the flag and ‘the republic for which it stands.’

However, teachers and a ‘K-5 Leadership Team’ in Georgia apparently decided the replace the pledge with something more in fashion among liberals and leftists. A ‘school pledge’ was written by a student, pledging an oath to the ‘global society.’ Naturally this didn’t sit well with many parents. But, rather than bemoan the change, these parents decided to fight back. What happened next is heartening to other conservative patriots… their efforts were a success.

Instead of allowing their kids to be indoctrinated further into the leftist global plan,

To many, one of the best things about the Pledge of Allegiance was how it brought American students together. Across the nation, school-age children were saying the same words, at the same time, beginning their school day thankful for their country and the good people in it.

Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School Principal Lara Zelski has decided to do something else instead of allegiance.

According to Zelski, she found that more and more of the community were not standing up for the national anthem, and were choosing not to recite it during the morning ritual at the school.

So, her idea for a ‘solution’ was to allow those students who still want to recite the Pledge to do so later on in the day, and to instead switch to a new ‘pledge’ that the school developed.

Indeed, in a written statement she said that they would be developing a ‘better’ pledge specifically for the school.

She said that the school would work on developing this new pledge, and that it would focus on students “civic responsibility” to their “school family,” community, country, and to the global society.

The move, however, infuriated a number of parents, and it managed to gain the attention of powerful local officials like Georgia House Speaker David Ralston, as well as gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp, among others.

Ralston said that he was sure that the House Education Committee would be interested in looking at whether or not the state of Georgia would want to continue spending money on the charter school, especially if it was going to take such divisive steps.

Thankfully, the fury of the parents who sent their children to the school, and the statements from the state’s political leaders, seems to have been all it took to derail Principal Zelski’s plan.

Perhaps most interesting of all, the principal’s statement and plan were completely removed from the school’s website, replaced with one written by Lia Santos, who serves as the chairwoman for the school’s governing board.

She explained that starting next week, the school would give students the opportunity to say the Pledge during the all-school morning meeting, which is what the school had done before the change in policy.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, which now calls itself AJC,’ the current Department of Education policy requires that schools set aside some time for the Pledge of Allegiance.

This time is supposed to be at the beginning of each school day, or during the ‘homeroom’ period.

DoE policy also says that while the school must allow this time for students to recite the Pledge, they cannot compel students to say it.

According to Janice Crouse, a conservative analyst, and author, the situation should serve as an important lesson for parents with children in school.

She stated, “I think parents should take heart … in that the administration was forced to change their minds and go back to having the Pledge of Allegiance,” she said. “And I think parents can learn from this that they do need to speak out, and they do need to know what’s going on so that they can speak out.”

Crouse said that the parents should learn that they need to be informed about what is going on in their children’s schools precisely so they can voice their opinions about things they don’t like, such as replacing the Pledge of Allegiance with some sort of globalist pledge written out by students and teachers.

She also said that this should show parents that when they don’t like the things that a school or district is doing, they should speak out.

After all, they can’t force any sort of change if they don’t voice their opinion on things like the policy they changed via uproar in Atlanta, Georgia.

The school in question is a charter school, a privately-owned educational facility that takes in government money to pay for operating expenses and tuition.