‘Racist’ Mascot Denied

PUBLISHED: 10:55 PM 12 Mar 2018

School Mascot Considered ‘Racist,’ Revoked Despite Being Part Of Tradition

The ‘Thunder Bear’ term is not new to the school.

The new mascot was considered 'racist.'

If sensitive liberals dig deep enough into nearly anything, they will find a way to make it seem sexist, homophobic, or racist. That occurred at three Alaskan high schools which chose to change their mascots to the ‘Thunder Bears’ back in February.

However, not even 30 days later, students and staff voted that the mascot phrase could be used as a racial slur and decided that the large mammal would not be used to represent the school.

The term ‘thunder bear’ is reportedly a slang term used to describe a very drunk and destructive person. In doing so, it may be used to describe intoxicated Native Americans specifically.

Upon this Urban Dictionary definition being brought up, a debate began.

The students at Thunder Mountain High School, Yaakoosge Daakahidi High School and Juneau-Douglas High School, all in Juneau, Alaska, were divided on their thoughts about the new mascot.

One student, Josh Quinto, represented the students who did not take offense to the mascot. He explained that the ‘Thunder Bear’ nickname “had been the district’s unofficial mascot for years” and that it was generally an inside joke among students.

He also rightfully added that it was silly to call this racist when there have been groups throughout history who have face actual, hateful racist attacks.

Of course, the left had their say as well, with student Katie McKenna claiming that racism from the new mascot “is already taking place in our school and it’s already been used as a slur.”

To appease the sensitive parties, the ‘Thunder Bear’ mascot has already been discontinued. In doing so, the schools are making a bigger deal out of the mascot than should be made, admitting its controversial meanings.

It was even previously acknowledged that the ‘racist’ phrase only “had potential” to be offensive and did not necessarily disrespect Native Americans.

Admittedly, bears are a suitable mascot for an Alaskan school, considering the wildlife and terrain. However, the ‘Thunder Bear’ is apparently far too controversial.