Teacher Fired Over God Comments

PUBLISHED: 11:30 PM 9 Feb 2018

School Fires Teacher, Determines “God Loves Every Person” Equals Terrorism

The teachers was accused of brainwashing students and preaching to them.

The school fired the teacher for 'gross misconduct' and accused her of attempting to brainwash and radicalize her students. Apparently, telling people that 'God loves them' is equivalent to proposing jihad.

Britain’s attack on Christianity began centuries ago, when King Henry VIII decided that if he couldn’t divorce as many wives as he liked, he’d just overthrow the Catholic Church in England and establish a state-sponsored religion.

However, the depths of anti-Christian rhetoric that England would achieve would have surprised even Henry VIII.  A teacher in England was fired and targeted by government authorities, all for saying that ‘God loves you.’

A Christian teacher who taught in Bristol was dismissed from her position at the T2 Apprenticeship Academy (a public, government-funded college) after students claimed they were offended by the teacher’s comments.

The incident that caused her to be dismissed came when a student, who was being disruptive in class, demanded to know about the teacher, Svetlana Powell, and her personal beliefs.

The student demanded to know Svetlana’s views on homosexuality, to which Svetlana gave the common Christian answer that though she believed it was a sin, but she believed God loved EVERY person.

It’s a common refrain for Christians; love the sinner, but hate the sin.

The ‘inquisitive’ and aggressive student then proclaimed that a student in the class was a lesbian.

The teacher simply replied that God loved that student, whoever she may be.

Two days later, Svetlana Powell, who had 17 years or more of teaching experience, was fired.

The reason behind the firing was ‘gross misconduct,’ and she was told that she could not appeal or defend herself from the accusations.

Even better, because tribunal students complained that Mrs. Powell had attempted to brainwash the students, the school’s ‘Chief Safeguarding Officer’ reported Mrs. Powell to Prevent.

Prevent, for those unaware, is the British government’s counter-terrorism strategy to cut own on radicalization.

Of course, the ‘Prevent’ program is meant to challenge terrorist ideology and those who forced it upon their students.  It isn’t really meant to condemn teachers who dare to be Christian.

Nonetheless, Svetlana Powell was reported to Prevent in order to keep her from spreading the terrorist ideology of loving even those with whom you disagree.

Obviously, Islamofascists around the world preach the same thing, which is why the middle east is such a loving place to visit, and so welcoming.

Mrs. Powell is being represented by a Christian legal group as she sues her former employer for firing her simply for her Christian beliefs.

The Christian Legal Centre (CLC) and Mrs. Powell compared her treatment with that received by an “outspoken left-wing atheist.”

While Mrs. Powell was dismissed, this teacher, Andrew Sprago, remains a teacher.

Sprago has been reported repeatedly by his students for spending most of his time in the classroom “preaching to them on the daily basis about how terrible England is and how many innocent people the government has killed, as well as why Jesus never existed.”

Despite that, and despite the fact that it seems students think the majority of what Sprago has done in class is to provide political and religious commentary, Sprago continues to teach young minds in Bristol.

According to the CLC, Mrs. Powell was dismissed for comments that were much less outrageous and radical, while Sprago has remained unadmonished for utilizing his classroom to push his own ideology.

Further, according to the lead barrister and CEO of the CLC, Andrea Williams, this case is a continuing sign of a worrying trend in England.

That trend is one of the vilification of mainstream Christianity while radical atheism (and Islam) is embraced.

Further, the entire incident exposes that the Prevent program, begun in early 2003, is as bad as the National Union of Teachers declared it at their 2016 conference in Brighton.

The only thing that National Union of Teachers got wrong was who the target would be, though they were rightly concerned that Prevent would cause “suspicion in the classroom and confusion in the staffroom.”

According to Andrea Williams, the way that Prevent was used to penalize and ‘otherize’ Svetlana Powell’s views is further evidence that the program will be used to target and punish “innocent and soft targets,” rather than the ‘radical’ ideologies it was designed to target.

England has a number of issues with radical Islam in the country, and they need to find something that they can do to actually target terrorists and radical Islamofascists.

Targeting people who simply hold mainstream Christian values is absurd, especially for a nation currently importing tens of thousands of ‘refugees’ with views far more extreme.

Further, the fact that an atheist can say things far more rabidly radical without fear of repercussion is just a sign that England’s leftism is harming even the most tepid religious observance.

Hopefully, England rights itself, and soon, or we may see more Svetlana Powells punished for daring to love a sinner without approving of their sin.