PUBLISHED: 10:48 PM 12 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 11:42 PM 12 Jan 2018

School Administrators Indicted After Student Suspended And Forced To Embrace Attacker

Sam Di Gangi by

Brian C. Vasquez (pictured) was reported on, but no one would listen.

The actions Brian C. Vasquez (pictured) was reported, but no one would listen.

One of the major hurdles which hamper law enforcement in their quest to bring sexual predators and other abusers to justice is that victims often are far too tight-lipped about what happened. This is often due to embarrassment, sorrow, or other mental pains which are common after an assault occurs. Sadly, this only allows the abuser to keep abusing, however. When one student was bold enough to report what was being done, administrators betrayed the student!

Fox News reports that a “female student who told school administrators she’d been sexually assaulted by a teacher was suspended and then forced to apologize to the accused perpetrator.” She was even made to give the abuser a hug! All of this was gleaned from “an indictment against three Colorado school officials.”

Fox 31 Denver confirms that “Principal David Gonzales, Vice Principal AJ MacIntosh and counselor Cheryl Somers-Wegien” were named in the indictment.

Those who failed to act are now headed to court.

The Cherry Creek School District has told the parents that those in question were put on “administrative leave pending the outcome of the court proceedings.” Somers-Wegienka has already quit working at the school.

The student had reported “she was being sexually assaulted by Brian C. Vasquez,” a man who since has been “arrested and charged with sexually assaulting and exploiting students.” 

The girl also informed both MacIntosh and Gonzales of what was transpiring. Her claims were met with the pair saying how “the allegations would ruin Vasquez’s family and career, also saying what a “valued teacher” the culprit was, the Denver Channel confirms.

Worse still, the teen was asked to recant her story, and as soon as she did so, “she was suspended,” states the Aurora Sentinel. Later, the 34-year-old was arrested for “allegedly sexually exploiting students,” thus vindicating the student. Vasquez faces “at least 31 felony counts.” Had the girl been listened to sooner, some of the violations on others may not have even happened.

The facts about child rape and exploitation is nothing short of sickening.

MacIntosh further claimed that she could not remember her involvement in any aspect of the disciplinary process
resulting in CV’s suspension from school, even when presented with official documentation from the school district bearing her signature, and confirming her presence (at a meeting),” says the indictment.

Furthermore, Gonzales attests that he did “not remember the student reporting the alleged assault against Vasquez as well.” Just the same, the trio of administrators face “misdemeanor charge of failing to report child abuse or neglect.”

Perhaps, to be fair, the teen was thought to be making a false claim. Such things certainly happen, and people are sent to prison falsely when it does, as the Conservative Daily Post has shown.

If so, their hunches were quite wrong and now, regardless of what they may have assumed, it is time to face justice.

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