MeToo Silenced

PUBLISHED: 5:23 PM 8 May 2018

Schneiderman Victims Warned To Stay Silent For Good Of The Party

The ‘cause’ was the democrat party platform.

Eric Schneiderman resigned in the face of multiple accusations of sexual violence. However, the victims were warned not to talk about his violence, out of fear that it would harm the party.

The Democrat Party has repeatedly claimed to care about feminist issues and progressive policies. In fact, that’s what they ran the 2016 campaign on, and more likely than not it’s what they’ll run on in the 2018 midterm elections.

But, as the fallout continues from the resignation of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman after four women claimed that he physically abused them during relationships, a horrific side of the Democrat Party came to light. The four victims were warned to stay silent on the former Attorney General’s conduct, for the good of the party’s “cause,” because the AG was a leading leftist in the nation. He could do “so much good” for the party and the country, so the victims of his abuse were expected to stay silent to preserve his career.

The four women told Ronan Farrow, that their friends, family, and others told them that they needed to stay silent ‘for the greater good’ of the Democrat Party in New York and around the country. Farrow, who co-wrote the article in the New Yorker about the misdeeds of the accused, including how he called a Sri Lankan woman his ‘brown slave’ and beat her until she called him ‘master,’ was shocked by this development.

It seems that some of those closest to victims of this allegedly violent man told them that they should keep silent, or they might undermine his career. In an interview with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota, Farrow said that “friends warned them off of talking because they thought he had the power to do too much good for the Democratic Party.”

That’s right. Fiends of the victims told them that it would be better to sacrifice their pain and suffering at his hands for the future of the party.  They silenced the #MeToo incidents, simply for political expediency.

That sounds like something out of Communist Russia, where the future of the party was paramount and the suffering of individuals didn’t matter at all. As long as the party’s aims were furthered, as long as the party’s survival was assured, the suffering of the people at the hands of the party didn’t matter..

To the Democrat Party, it didn’t matter if he physically abused four women. They only cared that he had the ‘right’ ideas, and pushed the ‘right’ policies, and that he took aim at the ‘right’ people.

Prior to the revelations in the article, many democrats saw a bright future for the AG. He was the leading figure trying to push Obama’s agenda and prevent presidential pardons.

Moreover, many sources called the disgraced attorney general a leading liberal in the state, including New York Magazine, which called him a liberal ‘gatekeeper’ who was dragging the Democrat Party back to its ‘progressive’ roots in the state.

Political luminaries in the state of New York saw a long career in front of Schneiderman, whose political career began in 1998 with a position in the state senate and eventually led to his election to be the top law enforcement officer in the state.

Some thought he had a future as a U.S. Congressman or even a Senator, someone with the power to influence policy on a national level.

But, in light of the researched and published claims against his character, that future is gone.

Eric Schneiderman’s legacy as the New York Attorney General is fading quickly, as are the things he did.

In recent months, bowing to pressure from progressives, he filed civil rights charges against Harvey Weinstein, the disgraced producer who faced many accusations of similar misbehavior.

Schneiderman also frequently fought with President Donald Trump’s legal decisions and orders, including a notable confrontation where he demanded that the state of New York provide him with the power to override the Presidential pardon at his will.

The former Attorney General, who served in that position since 2011, didn’t seem to need that power when Barack Obama was pardoning crack dealers and other criminals from New York, but it became strangely important to him after the President pardoned Scooter Libby.

He also filed more than 50 lawsuits opposing the President’s right to set federal environmental policy, hoping to preserve Obama-era environmental regulations, which impeded small businesses in the area.

He even repeatedly suggested that he would be filing charges at the state level against members of Donald Trump’s campaign for various claims of tax violations, even if the President pardoned them due to the obviously politically partisan nature of the Robert Mueller special investigation.

The mainstream media tried to ‘keep silent’ about the DEMOCRAT Attorney General’s conduct in their own way as well, doing their best to avoid pointing out his party affiliation in reference to his action.

The Hill, Politico, and CNN’s Brian Stelter failed to mention his political affiliation at any point in their pieces.

The New York Times, Washington Post, and Associated Press attempted to bury the mention of his party affiliation, hiding it toward the end of their articles.

The people of New York, and indeed, the country, should be grateful that the women didn’t stay silent, even though the two who came forward publicly and revealed their names, Michelle Manning Barish and Tanya Selvaratnam, are known feminist progressives who agreed with his politics.

They were not only told to keep quiet to preserve his reputation; they were also threatened by the Attorney General himself, who said he would kill them, and told them that he had the power to have their phones wiretapped and have them followed.

Friends and family who told them that they had to keep quiet to protect a person who treated them horrifically should be ashamed of themselves, and the Democrat Party needs to examine its conscience (if there is still one left) and the lengths it will go to in the name of the leftist agenda.  If the party is more important than simple morality, it is corrupt beyond repair.