Schiff Running Scared

PUBLISHED: 1:24 PM 28 Oct 2019
UPDATED: 5:24 PM 28 Oct 2019

Schiff Shaking In Fear: Calls Durham Criminal Investigation ‘Illegitimate’

Adam Schiff apparently has a lot to hide, as he is already refusing to acknowledge the results of John Durham’s criminal investigation.

Adam Schiff is very scared of the criminal investigation Durham is conducting. (Source: YouTube Screenshot/ ABC)

Adam Schiff is afraid… very afraid. Possibly, he’s terrified of going to jail? Either way, his fear is palpable during an interview on ABC News’s ‘This Week,’ where he appeared on Sunday.

In fact, he claimed that John Durham’s criminal investigation is “illegitimate.”

This from a man who is conducting gestapo-style hearings against President Trump, with selective leaks to the press, despite the fact that EVERY single witness brought forward confirms the fact that the President did NOTHING wrong.

The Daily Caller reported:

The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee who has the lead on the impeachment inquiry, tried to suggest the probe was nothing  more than an attempt by Attorney General William Barr to persecute President Donald Trump’s political enemies.

“You can assign good people to do an illegitimate investigation,” Schiff told ABC News’ “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” as he suggested he won’t accept the results of such a probe.

“If these reports are correct and Bill Barr’s Justice Department is doing a criminal investigation of people who properly looked into Russian interference in our election … it means that Bill Barr on the president’s behalf is weaponizing the Justice Department to go after the president’s enemies,” Schiff said.

Although the congressman has repeatedly suggested without evidence that Trump had colluded with the Russians, the congressman suggested Sunday that if you “win an election you don’t seek to prosecute the losing side but this is what Bill Barr is seeking to do. He is demonstrating once again that he is merely a tool of the president, the president’s hand, not the representative of the American people.”

When reminded by the program host that Durham “is a very well-respected prosecutor,” Schiff argued that there needs to be a “public explanation for why this needs to be a criminal probe.”

The committee chairman also suggested that he won’t accept the results of Durham’s investigation because it occurred under the auspices of a Department of Justice under Barr.

“You can assign good people to do an illegitimate investigation. You can assign good people to investigate the president’s political rivals. It doesn’t mean that the investigation is any less tainted. This is tainted because of the motivation which is a political one to serve the president’s political interests.”

Reminded that he has “no evidence of that … whatsoever,” Schiff insisted “the evidence, I think, is pretty clear. The president has been calling … to investigate anyone who stood in his way and now what is Bill Barr doing, he’s doing an investigation of — a criminal investigation of some of the people responsible for this probe. So you can, I think, connect one dot to another.”

Can you sense the terror? There is PLENTY of evidence to suggest that the Obama administration WAS weaponized against a presidential candidate, and that frame up’s were used to start and continue the ‘investigation.’

Since Schiff was a major player in that Russian saga, no doubt he’s a dirty as anyone, according to many experts.

Watch the interview below: