Schiff Won’t Work

PUBLISHED: 6:35 PM 13 Feb 2020

Schiff Blasted By GOP For Refusing To Do Job, Examine FISA Abuse Of Obama Administration

It appears as if democrats are seriously afraid of examining the abuse of the previous administration in its unwarranted and illegal spying on President Trump.

This is his job! (Source: Fox News Video Screenshot)

Adam Schiff is the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, and his job is to actually oversee the intelligence community for the people of the United States. However, he appears terrified to perform this fundamental congressional task.

Republicans on the committee boycotted a public hearing yesterday, blasting Schiff for ignoring the massive abuse that went on under the previous administration, and within the intelligence community in the illegal FISA-abuse-spying of President Trump and members of his team.

It is the job of the HIC to oversee this, but even after the Department of Justice’s Inspector General report was released, which outlined serious misconduct, Schiff still refuses to hold hearings concerning it.

Fox News reported:

The House Intelligence Subcommittee on Strategic Technologies and Advance Research (STAR) held a hearing on “Emerging Technologies and National Security” on Wednesday. Every GOP member skipped the forum, blasting it as a “publicity” event.

In a letter obtained by Fox News, Reps. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., and Chris Stewart, R-Utah, the ranking members of the committee and subcommittee, respectively, joined GOP colleagues in blasting Schiff, D-Calif., for not holding hearings on FISA in the wake of the IG report.

“Under your chairmanship, the House Intelligence Committee has strayed far from its mandate of overseeing the Intelligence Community. In fact, we have gone months at a time in which we’ve hardly held any oversight-related briefings or hearings at all,” they wrote Wednesday.

“During this period of inadequate oversight, numerous critical issues pertinent to this Committee’s jurisdiction were ignored,” they continued, noting that DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz issued his FISA report on Dec. 9 which identified “seventeen serious shortcomings related to the conduct” of the surveillance of former Trump campaign foreign policy aide Carter Page.

The Republicans argued that the committee is “uniquely positioned to consider” the “serious legal and policy questions” that arose from Horowitz’s report.

“The IG Report was followed by the release of a declassified assessment by the Department of Justice acknowledging that at least two of the four FISA applications lacked probable cause,” they continued. “Despite the seriousness of these issues and our clear jurisdiction, you have failed to hold a single briefing or hearing on this matter.”

They added: “Until the Committee prioritizes oversight activities related to urgent and critical concerns, Republican Members cannot support distractions from our core responsibilities.”

“We hope this Committee can move past political investigations and publicity stunts and get back to the important work we traditionally have undertaken on a bipartisan basis,” they concluded.

The letter, penned by Nunes and Stewart, was signed by Republican Reps. Michael Conaway, Michael Turner, Brad Wenstrup, Rick Crawford, Elise Stefanik, Will Hurd, and John Ratcliffe.

The Republicans’ letter comes after Horowitz issued a long-awaited report finding that the FBI made repeated errors and misrepresentations before the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court as the FBI sought to monitor Page in 2016 and 2017.

Horowitz confirmed that the FBI’s FISA applications to monitor Page heavily relied on the unverified Trump dossier and news reports rooted in dossier author Christopher Steele’s unverified research.

At the time of the report’s release, Schiff touted findings that the FBI’s initial Russia probe had “sufficient factual basis” and was opened for an “authorized purpose.”

“The IG’s investigation did identify issues and errors in the FISA process, including potential misconduct,” Schiff acknowledged at the time while stressing that bureau leadership was moving to implement the IG’s recommendations.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) recently released a newly declassified summary of a Justice Department assessment revealing at least two of the FBI’s surveillance applications to monitor Page lacked probable cause.

The FISC has ordered an inquiry into a slew of FBI surveillance abuses over the past several years but has stopped short of requiring the bureau to re-verify several potentially impacted warrant applications.

But, the point here is that Schiff refuses to perform his job, obviously from fear, many people argue. Just what is he so afraid of?